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Just A Visit To Grandma's

Angela, Kent, UK
September 2003

My mother told me this story when I was very young & her word's will remain with me & haunt me for the rest of my life & even now just to type it out sends shivers down my spine.......

It was a cold winter's afternoon as my mother pushed the stroller in which my sister sat, down Station Road. Back then before the police station was built that road didn't contain any houses it just had high, concrete walls either side of it.

My mother was on her way to visit my grandmother who at the time was ill. My mother was walking fast to avoid the chill of the cold, winter air so my sister wouldn't catch the cold as she was only a baby at the time. Looking round my mother saw an old, frail lady wrapped in a long, black cloak limping slowly up the road. As my mother was in a hurry my sister accidently dropped her teddy so my mother stopped & bent down to pick it up as she gave it back to my sister she looked back up again to see that the old lady had vanished. She was walking too slowly to have got to the end of the road & there were no other passages for her to walk up. At that moment my mother felt icy cold & shivers made her whole body tingle. She walked the rest of the way to my grandmother's almost frozen with fear. As she knocked the old oak door of my grandmother's house & my grandmother answered she took one look at my mother's terrified, pale face & asked "Lynda what's wrong? you look like you've seen a ghost!"
My mother then replied, "I have!"

That tale will stick with me throughout my life & I'll pass it on to my family in hope that they'll pass it on to their's. My mother has since then told me she saw the spectre twice more throughout her life but I will save those stories for another time.

Angela, Kent, UK
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