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Just Saying Thank You

Angie Kowal, CA, USA
December 2001

This actually didn't happen to me, but a friend of mine.

My friend lived in an apartment, she lived on the bottom floor. An older gentleman lived upstairs from her. Over the course of the time my friend lived there, her and the gentleman became friends.

One night she heard some thumping coming from upstairs so she went to investigate. When she got upstairs, her and her children found the man on the floor, fighting for breath. My friend instructed her daughter to call 911. While her daughter called, my friend tried to help him. She gave him CPR and and tried to revive him.

The ambulance showed up, took the gentleman to the hospital. My friend stayed at home, but she found out that the man had died on the way to the hospital.

Later that night, when my friend was in bed, she heard what she thought was footsteps coming down the stairs. Of course, she was half asleep so it took her a minute or two to get her bearings. When she did finally wake up enough to understand what was going on around her, she listened and she heard footsteps coming into her bedroom. Thinking it was her daughter, she just stayed in bed, facing away from the door. Well the footsteps proceeded to enter her bedroom, come to the side of the bed and stop. The next thing my friend knew, it felt like someone layed down beside her and put their arm around her! Well, from the weight of the bed sinking and the weight of the arm around her, she knew that it was not her daughter! She flew out of bed and looked at the bed and saw an indentation of a grown man!

She then got to thinking that it was the man from upstairs just trying to communicate. She said into the air, "If this is -------, I know that you are trying to communicate with me, but you are scaring me and you need to leave!" She then looked at the bed and saw the indentation rise up and heard the footsteps leave!

When she told me the story, she thought that the reason he came to visit was to say thank you for trying to save his life. After that story, I had the biggest goosebumps I have ever had!!

And I believe my friend, she is a very stable person. Thanks for reading!!!

Angie Kowal, CA, USA
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