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Kitchen Window Ghost

David, FL, USA
April 2018

Hello, my name is David and I am a 20-year-old male that was born and raised in my current house which I am still living in. I have a short quick creepy ghost story to tell you that happened to me back in 2004 when I was 8 years old.

One night my brother bob and me were watching adult swim Inuyasha which was usually our thing because we we're late night sleepers that would stay up till 1:00 in the morning only ones up in the house while my parents and sisters and brothers were sleeping.

This one particular night, my brother Bob was in the room getting ready to go to bed so I asked him if he didn't mind me getting a drink of water from the sink because at the time we didn't have a water dispensable refrigerator. He said ok no problem so I walked out to my brothers room made a right to my side kitchen entrance and the way our kitchen is set up is we have a sink and right in front of the sink is a window that shows our back porch that has these yellow colored curtains that are fairly open side by side at hands length causing you to see the porch clearly completely at night in the darkness. Well as I was getting water from the sink, I had an instinct to look in my kitchen window so I looked and right then and there was just a thick white mass that was trying to manifest by brushing against the kitchen was like it was looking in from outside. In my memory right now looking back it looked like a reflection of somebody standing next to me just changing shape because it was see through and blended into the darkness. So I freaked dropped my water on the floor with my eyes open shaking. Perfect timing came because strangely my brother came out and asked what was the matter and I told him "I think I just saw a ghost."

My brother skeptically said "Eh where?"

I said out there and he looked and said there was nothing there. I flipped and was scared to go to bed that night.

I believe it was my late brother because he died when I was 4 and I remember my mom telling me the story years later that she saw an orb in our back porch couple months after he died. He might have been outside looking in or inside standing right next to me in my kitchen. I don't know but I never want to see a ghost. Till this day we have the same kitchen curtains in our kitchen and still Every time I go to bed I always stare through the curtains just to see if I see something. I sure as heck will only do that if my parents are up, that's for sure!

David, FL, USA
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