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Lake Ghost

Laura Johnston, Pennsylvania, USA
May 1999

Every summer my family travels to Maine from Pennsylvania. We stay in a small cottage right on the lake. This past summer I took a friend on this annual vacation. One cloudy, moonlit night my friend and I were sitting on the dock telling ghost stories. We were totally freaked out and swore that we kept hearing creepy noises from the woods only 50 feet away. We heard the dock creaking from the rippling water. Soon the dock started moving faster and faster and the ripples from the lake weren't ripples but waves. When we looked up we saw a figure floating across the lake only 10 feet in front of us. We were too scared to move or scream so we sat there watching this glowing "figure" float across right before our eyes. Then the worst part happened. This figure in a long white dress turned quickly and faced us. She stood there only a few second before starting to approach us. Slowly she glided toward us. Then we saw her eyes light up and dark, dark evil red. By that time we knew that there was trouble and there was nothing for us to do but run. We got up and ran right into the cottage, locked the door and ran into our bedrooms. That night we had trouble sleeping. I don't think we slept one bit.

The next morning I asked my parents if they had seen anything glowing out on the lake. They said they hadn't seen anything. We told them about our story. They thought they we were trying to play a trick on them. We went looking for evidence out on the dock. After looking for a few minutes, we found what we were looking for. There, sitting in the little boat next to the rocking dock, under one of the life preservers, we found a white dress!

Laura Johnston, Pennsylvania, USA
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