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Las Vegas Life Saver

Rachael, PA, USA
September 2002

My dad told me this true story of an experience which happened to him while he was vacationing in Las Vegas a few summers ago.

My dad liked the pool area, but he worked in a convention center all day so he couldn't get to the pool until around 5 o'clock. Usually when he went there weren't many people there because it was getting late.

One day after working hard he decided to go to the pool, however, the wind picked up a lot that afternoon and there was very few people there.

He sat in a lounge chair behind a metal pole which had an umbrella on top (the umbrella was closed that day due to the wind). As always, he took his watch off and placed it next to him on the chair so he wouldn't get a tan line on his wrist.

About 10 minutes later, the wind died down to nothing at all. All of a sudden his watch fell off the lounge chair. It didn't fall off right next to the chair, it was like it had been pushed. And because it was so far away he had to get up to pick it up. As soon as he got up a huge gust of wind came and knocked the metal pole over. It went crashing right through his lounge chair. If he was there he would've been killed.

He believes his recently deceased father had pushed the watch off the chair (when there was no wind) to force my dad to get up right before the pole would have come crashing down on him.

Rachael, PA, USA
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