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Manda, BC, Canada
February 2002

Many people believe in different things, and believe it or not, these things happened to me. They may not seem like big events but they definitely freaked me out!

>When I was about 8 I got a cockatiel named Lemon. I loved that bird. She was always so nice, and she especially liked my dad. But one day she died. This happened to all birds, and we knew that. My sisters and I took her down to the park where we used to live, and we buried her. We put her in a box. I believe it was a Margarine box. And we buried her. My dad dug the hole while we stood by and watched in silence. We put her in the hole, and put the dirt back on. Then my sisters and I, decided that, that was not enough for Lemon. We gathered petals from buttercup flowers and wrote "LEMON" across where we buried her.

The petals lasted for weeks, even through rough winds. But the peculiar ness didn't stop there...

A little while after? maybe 2 years, I woke up in the middle of the night having to go to the bathroom. I walked past the empty cage where Lemon once lived so happily. I saw something. It was sort of transparent and whitish colour. I stood for a minute. And it, who I figured was Lemon, just swung on Lemon's favourite old perch. The swinging perch. I went to the bathroom and back to bed, thinking it was all a dream. Then the next morning, I woke up. And remembered what happened. I ran over to the cage, and looked inside. There was no solid figure? but the perch was swinging. I left it alone and never thought about it until a few weeks ago?

My dad moved out about 2 years ago. And as a birthday present, he gave my older sister a budgie named Phil. Now, we didn't want to go buy Phil a new cage, so we just used the old one that Lemon had used- BIG MISTAKE. One day I got home (I think it was a Tuesday) from school and I heard Phil freaking out upstairs. I ran upstairs and he was jumping all over the cage. He tried to perch on that swinging perch- Lemon's favourite thing- and he kind of was "thrown" off. He flung into the wall. He kept doing this until he was getting too hurt from flying into the wall. From then on, he never went on the perch again. He only went onto the floor, or on the very top corner perch. Then, we decided that we better get him a new cage. So we did, and that sort of thing never happened again.

Manda, BC, Canada
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