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Lifetime Companion

March 2001

I don't really believe in ghosts but I have had some experiences with the paranormal.

It is said that a house on my street is haunted. I just happen to live at number 13. I am the only one who witnesses these happenings in this house. My brother has had a few experiences (his TV likes to turn on and off itself!) and calls the ghost Johnny. I don't have a name for the ghost, I just call him/her Mr. Ghost.

In the past, at a different house, I was awakened by a bump in the night. I thought it was my dog, Teddy, jumping off the chair in the living room. When I got there Teddy was sound asleep at the other side of the house. I often heard the books and papers in my closet rustling. My closet doors opened but no one was there. Books fell off shelves and desks. I had a waterbed at the time and at night I would wake up because I felt someone hop on my bed.
One night I even saw my brother peek at me from the corner of my doorway just to find that he was asleep on his bed just five seconds later. I wasn't afraid of these ghosts, I thought it was funny.

At this house, it gets worse. The people that lived here before us had cats. I had a black Calico cat and I know the sound the carpet makes when a cat walks across it. At night, I hear cats walk across the floor. When I sit up to say hi to my cat I realize that I don't have that cat anymore!!!

Before I retire to bed I don't even have to shut my door, it does it itself! It only shuts when I hop into bed!

One night, I was drifting off to sleep when something walked across the bathroom because I could see the shadow cross the light. It turns out that nobody was in the hallway!

I get up in the mornings and turn on the living room light. As soon as I walk away, it goes off. When I tell Mr. Ghost to stop it, he stops. When Mr. Ghost turns off my radio I turn it on and tell him there has got to be a better way for him to tell me what he wants to tell me.

Sometimes I come in my room to find that my belongings are rearranged. There was no way the family could have done it.

I often hear people walk outside my window and they actually tap on it persistently. If any of the neighbours were dong it my parents would have known because their bedroom is beside mine. It is really easy to hear what is going on between the houses.

One night, Mr. Ghost made my alarm go off at 10:00pm, when it was set for 6:00am. There was no logical explanation for it.

Between you and me, I think I have a life-long companion who is looking for some fun!!!

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