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Lights On, Lights Off

May 2003

Hey everyone, this is a story about my great grandmother and how after her death she still wanted to protect her children.

First, some background story.

My great grandmother was nicknamed "Ms.Kitty" That is what she'll be referred to in this story. She had two children, my grandmother "Bonnie" and her brother nicknamed "Sonny".

Ms.Kitty had been ill for a long time and during this period she was living in a room in my grandparents house. Sonny was on hard times, as was usual for their family during that time. One day she called Bonnie into her room and told her this. "When I die, make sure you buy Sonny a winter coat, he needs it."

Bonnie promised to buy him a coat when the time came. Alas, after a long battle with cancer Ms. Kitty passed away, and Bonnie and her family continued living in the house.

One day Bonnie was cleaning in Ms.Kitty's old room when she noticed the light was on, it was a type of light where you just had to touch the base of it to turn it on (They had bought it to make things easier for Ms. Kitty). Bonnie did not think much of this as she had 4 daughters running through the house constantly, someone must have just bumped into it.

When cleaning day the next week came she went into the room and the light was on again. At this point Bonnie considered keeping the room shut off from the girls for good to cut down on any electricity being used. But still she cleaned, turned off the light and went about her business. The next week rolled around and the light was on again, now she was annoyed, turned it off, then continued through the house.

Now I should point out that she was home completely alone after she turned it off this day, but she went up to the room a few hours later and the light had turned on once more.

Bonnie was slightly scared to put it gently. Her mind was running a mile a minute when she remembered something...the coat for Sonny. She knew she had forgot to get him one as she had been busy arranging things after Ms.Kitty's death.

She went out later that day and bought the coat for Sonny. And the light never came on by itself again.

Think what you want, It could have been the light messing up, but I like to think it was a mothers love for her child that kept that light on.

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