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Lilac Bush

Michigan, USA
November 1998

One evening at a local cable access show hosted by my friend Joyce, I had the pleasure to meet her guest a local but famous psychic. Shortly after the show was off the air I asked the psychic if she could tell me anything. She proceeded to describe my recently remodeled (previously condemned home) as light and bright. Oh by the way the psychic said, "The ghosts, one a grandmother and the other a young boy really approve of your decorations". That really gave me shivers as my cat would walk around crying as she looked into the air...and I had one evening spotted a small boy out of the corner of my eye...I had not been back into my upstairs office since that incident a few days before. Also the psychic proceeded to tell me that the older ghost really enjoyed viewing her lilac bush from my upstairs window. I thought this was not true.

The next day my neighbor came over to me to ask if he could cut down the lilac bush...I said what lilac bush? He then pointed to a bush that was half on his property and mine, which by the way is in perfect view of the upstairs bedroom. I promptly told the neighbor to leave the bush I understand that lilacs are good luck.

To this day I always have a feeling of being watched if I am upstairs... and guests report noises and knocks on the wall. Sometimes as I sleep downstairs in the master bedroom...I can hear footsteps moving along the wood floor in the upstairs hallway.

Michigan, USA
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