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Little Girl in Hotel

Myia, OH, USA
December 2009

I can't really tell this story much without getting the goose bumps as it had just happened within the past couple of months to me, but I feel like it's better to just tell the story as it is and maybe I'll get some kind of closure on it...

I am a flight attendant, so I am used to staying in different hotels throughout the USA. I've heard stories of one hotel we'd overnight in Norfolk, VA, but that was soon changed to a better one this following month because flight attendants would usually call off just to avoid that hotel or drop the trip itself. You'd think that my story would happen here as I've been there couple of times, but no. My story comes from one where most say they sleep comfortably in. It makes me actually doubt my story at times, but it has to be real, for what I saw and felt was pretty real to me...

We'd arrived in Fort Meyers, FL late that night, so all I wanted to do was change, check my mail, and sleep. When I arrived to my room, it was immediately freezing! I literally ran straight to the heater/air conditioner to find that housekeeping had left it on high freezing air, so I'd immediately switched it to low heat.

Not even a second had passed before my fire alarm went off. I'd open my door to see if it really was a drill, but no others were going off, just mine, so I shrugged it off and after a minute of listening to the blaring drill and no one coming to investigate it, I shut off my heater. It immediately stopped. It raised questions, but I just shrugged it off, already tired from today's activities. I figured once I get into bed, I'll be warm.

I continued on my routine of cutting on the TV, setting up my laptop, and clicking on the light near the bed. Two minutes after clicking on the light, it began to flicker as if it was going to blow out at any moment. Thinking it was the light bulb, I immediately cut it off, laid in my bed and began trying to get on the Internet. That didn't work either. Last resort, and very frustrated, I called my fellow flight attendant to see if he was having problems. He'd already gone to bed, so I had no one to complain about and I didn't want to bug the front desk with my problems, so I decided to watch TV.

Now, this was the part that struck me a little weird. I went to change the channel, but the TV would flicker as if to change, but stayed on the same channel. No matter what I did, it never changed from the movie channel that all hotels have. That was beyond weird looking back on it, but at the time, I was just so pissed and angry, that I'd set my clock to wake me up at 3am, 3:30am, and 4am, because I am a very heavy sleeper and it really does take that many alarms to wake me up. With that, I feel asleep very angry that night with thoughts of complaining in the morning.

Now here's the part that really scared the crap out of me. My first alarm never wakes me up. Never. I never hear that alarm, and it's usually the second alarm that gets me stirring, so when I wake up at 3am in the morning, I am annoyed enough to shut it off and toss it on the other side of the bed. As I went to turn around, something from the corner of my eye made me do a double-take.

There at the corner of my bed, I saw a small Caucasian girl. She had shoulder length blonde hair in old-fashioned ringlets that I'd never seen before except in old movies. Very striking blue eyes and she wore a white and pink dress with lace all over the top as if covering the pink. She was glaring at me with this cold look upon her face and her mouth turned in a gruesome frown. The room I was in was completely dark, but for some reason, I could see her clearly.

I reached over to turn the light on and looked back over as if to verify that she was there, but she wasn't. If I wasn't awake because of my alarm, I was then.

Myia, OH, USA
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