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Little Indian Boy

Dyanna Anthony-Dahl, WA, USA
December 2002

Let me first say, I don't know if the person in my experience is a little Indian boy. That is just the nick-name given to him by a co-worker I never met. People would see something out of the corner of their eye, and just chalk it down to the Little Indian Boy, now to my part of the story.

I worked in finishing and shipping and receiving. I always carried a knife. You know, the utility type, since I could never find one when I needed it. Somehow, that one was lost and I started carrying one that was a little more "dangerous" looking. The blade had a release on it, almost like a switch blade, but the handle was like a set of brass knuckles. Totally legal.

Several times, I would be working in one area and feel a tug on my right pant leg. Let's face it, my work area was not the most organized place to be, with boxes, paper and machinery all around. Many times I just shrugged the tugging off to having moved my position and having a box or a piece of machinery brush my pants leg. But not the last time.

The last time, was well, realy strange. I was not alone in the room, but not within real eye sight of anyone else, either. Concentrating on what I was doing, I was not really paying attention to the others around me. Then, out of nowhere, my right pant leg, just below my pocket, was tugged, violently, several times. I have already told you, I always carried a knife. You guessed it, my knife was in my right hand rear pocket. I looked around to see what it was that could have caused something like that to happen, but I was nowhere near enough to any pieces of machinery to have gotten caught on something.

So, is there a Little Indian Boy? The building is old and built on old tidal mud flats. Who knows what is actually underneath the foundations. But who was it that grabbed me so roughly that day? And did they/it not like my knife, or did they/it want it for themselves?

I no longer work in that building, but it sure would be interesting to find out why my knife seemed to be such an attraction.

Sorry that this is not really scary. I can't say that I was ever scared myself, but there was just no other explanation that I could come up with, except the Little Indian Boy.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Dyanna Anthony-Dahl, WA, USA
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