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Lost Spirits In Apartments

Michael, Vic, Australia
December 2000

For over eight months, me and my girlfriend resided in an old style french design apartment.

A peaceful area just in front of a beautiful lake. We have rented this apartment because of the great view of the lake and the convenience of the location. However we did not realize one thing, there were lost spirits wandering around.

It all started when I discovered our hexagonal mirror had fallen on the ground, it was initially hung up above the front window of the apartment. This mirror repels unwanted spirits away (Chinese beliefs). It was the landlord who stuck this up, I never asked him why. However strange events started from his point.

A few weeks had past until the first strange sighting occurred.

As my girlfriend and I were leaving down the elevator in the morning, we noticed a white figure of a man standing behind us. This was by the mirror reflection in the elevator. I thought this was strange because there was no such light which could have reflected from the mirror in the first place. Upon this incident, I thought it was my imagination. However 2 weeks later, about 3 in the morning, my girlfriend was going back to bed from the bathroom. As she walked back to the bed, she looked at the two large mirrors hung above our bed, she saw a white girl figure standing in from of the bed, this was on one of the mirror.

She was so frightened, she started to cry and hugged me, telling me not to wake up. I thought she had a bad dream until I realized she was wide awake and shaking.

So as I write this story, I'm looking for a new apartment, I rather feel uncomfortable living with ghosts.

Michael, Vic, Australia
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