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Mama Pride and Little Girl Elnor

Grammer Jackson, Ontario, Canada
April 2007

My name is Grammar Jackson and I am eighteen years old. I live in an old barn that is almost a hundred years old. We have many animals and I love this barn to death. I believe in the "supernatural" and this experience that I had just about two years ago makes my beliefs even stronger.

My grandpa Jack or Jackie (short for Jackson) and I lived in the barn all our lives. Old Grandpa Jack was born in the barn and so was I. To us, it was our castle. My momma died a year after my birth and my daddy remarried a lady and moved out of this old shed when I was just a young kid. So Grandpa Jackie and Grandmamma Ellie are all I ever had. Grandmamma also died when I was just about turning twelve, leaving old Grandpapa Jack and me alone in the world. Many times gramp thought about sending me back to my daddy but I wouldn't have any of it and so I guess my granddaddy knew better. But anyways, lets move on with the little tale of mine.

I had just turned sweet old sixteen. I guess I was tired of being a sweet innocent girl at school all the time. I started to go bad a bit, you know dating and drinking. I knew grandpa would never find out but it sometimes scared me because I would make a proud grandpapa very disappointed.

One night, after coming home late and lying about why I was late, I was making some dinner for the two of us. I made some delicious Serbet with the right amount of some fine wine (an Indian drink Grandmamma taught me how to make) I also threw in a big bowl of salad and some spaghetti. It smelled like the best one I had ever made. I added the right amount of spices and sauce and everything was just delicious. Grandpa Jack told me it was the best meal he ever had and I couldn't be prouder. It was when we were going to bed. Grandpapa Jack tucked me in and kissed my head like he always does. Then he went to sleep himself. During the night, I heard little moans and cries. Sounded like a sweet little kid. I got up thinking little Allie (our next door neighbour) got kicked out of the house again. When I went outside, I couldn't find anyone! Our dog, Stitchy, came running toward me. He whined and I knew something was wrong. Old Stitch could take a whipping and not cry at all. That was one strong dog but I didn't know what was wrong..

I heard the moaning and crying again. A little girl crying. It was normal for kids to be out late where I live. I turned around to see a sweet little thing, sitting and crying. She was wearing a soft white dress and had lots of brown curly hair covering her face. She was also dripping with water. I went up but Stitchy was very protective and wouldn't let me move. After jerking big Stitch several times I made my way to the little girl. "Hello," I said. "Why's the reason you're crying?" "I'm hungry, and you just had a big meal and I watched you and Wolf eat it. Let me have some please. I'm soo cold and hungry?" This shocked me. How did the little thing know grandpa Jack's first name? No one had called Grandpapa "Wolf" in a long time. I invited her to come in, but at that moment Grandpa came rushing out the door. When Grandpa came, the girl immediately vanished! Right before our eyes! Grandpapa Jackie yelled at me to get inside. He had never yelled at me in my life so I knew he was furious. And with the shock of seeing someone disappear in front of my eyes, it scared me even more.

Gramps knew what that girl was. It was his little sister, Elnor. She had passed away when she was only eight! This scared me now because I knew that I had just talked to a ghost! Grandpa told me how El and he were playing on a little hill and how he got mad at El and pushed her off this cliff. El wanted to go home because the poor thing was hungry and grandpa still wanted to play so he started to get mad and pushed her off the cliff where she drowned! The story made me want to cry. Elnor visited old Grandpa Jackie several times after her death. Elnor is still mad and wants to hurt sweet old grammpa. She was probably going to hurt me, like grandpapa says. And now that I realize, she did have this scary look. Almost evil?

That night, grandpa let me sleep in his room. I was so scared and so terrified. I also decided to come clean about what I'd been doing. I told him how I was drinking and had a boyfriend, Jake, and we were doing stuff. Grandpapa said he knew! I couldn't believe it! He told me that he had a dream and in it I had a sweet little baby and Jake was the father! When he had the dream, he knew it in his gut that I'd been doing bad things! I was so scared. I wasn't going to tell him that I was pregnant yet. I was crying at that moment. Right then a light surrounded the whole room. It was filled with warmth and love. We both just stood there and stared for a second. Then a voice came over us and I clearly heard my mama's voice. It said, "I'm proud of you, Grammer. Thank you, Jack." We both knew it was my mama. Grandpa Jack just smiled and said, "It was my pleasure, Pride (my mama's name) "I couldn't be happier."

Seven months later I gave birth to a beautiful son, Jack, named after grandpa. My daddy came to visit us and then he decided to stay with us. I could never be happier. Thought I'd share my story with you. It makes you cry don't it?

Thanks for reading. Oh yeah, we held a little peace ceremony for Elnor. We hope she's at peace now. She's a beautiful girl that needs to find her way to heaven. We love you and always will El.

Grammer Jackson, Ontario, Canada
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