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Mamaw's House

Kentucky, USA
January 1999

My fiancee, let's call him Al, just has lost his Grandmother on Valentine's Day in 1997. This is the house in which she and her husband lived. When she died, her husband moved to live with his daughter and let Al live there for a while. He has since moved due to family problems. Al had grown up with them and was very close to his grandmother. Ever since I've been with Al, I've always heard stories about that house being haunted. This is one of the few times I've ever experienced it for myself.

One evening, my fiancee and I were in his room playing Monopoly when the lights started to flicker and the TV changed channels. This was normal for the house and I had experienced it before, so I wasn't too worried. The front door opened into the living room where the TV was and his bedroom was off to the left. This is a two story house with the second floor used only for storage. We were the only two people in the house and we knew this because we had locked the doors from the inside. The locks were the security locks that had to be opened with a key and the only other key there was was with his mom who had gone out of town. Suddenly we heard footsteps going across the floor above us. Al assured me it was just the ghost and that it was normal. We tried to ignore it and went on playing the game.

This house's original owner had hung himself at the top of the stairs and his wife had shot herself at the bottom of them when she saw his body. Go on through the living room to the kitchen and take a left and you'll see the stairs. Al said it was just the man's ghost trying to scare us. Anyways, the footsteps continued on and off for about 2 more hours. By this time I was getting aggravated with the ghost. I'm not known to have much patience with the particular ghosts in the house and tend to snap off at them. (I know it sounds odd, but I do talk to the ghost.) I finally snapped and yelled at the ghost "Quit making so much da**ed noise. Go away for a while and let us play in peace!" Surprisingly enough, the footsteps quit.

Everyone else who goes into the house says they feel odd, even Al. And most say they hear things. To this day I have NEVER been bothered again in the house.

Well, thanks for reading my story. Maybe later I'll relate some other strange things that have happened to me while I've been with Al.

Kentucky, USA
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