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Man In My Daughter's Room

Susan, South Africa
September 2005

I would like to start of by saying that I am a 37 year old single mother. My 16 year old daughter had previously been able to see figures (probably not always from this world) since she had been a mere toddler. Although I had never actually seen a spirit I do believe that they exist. Therefore I had always tried to console her by telling her that they were not here to harm us and besides we had God to protect us. So with all her previous experiences she had never really been scared, but this time it was different.

Now on with the experience.

It happened a few months ago. I was helping my 14 year old daughter to sort out problems with her homework late one evening and we only gone to bed just before midnight. My 16 year old son had been fast asleep at that stage for quite some time already
I was barely in bed when I heard her ask "What was that Mom?" I was lying in bed trying to listen to whatever it was she was referring to at that stage, but could hear nothing. Even before I could reply she asked Again - this time more franticly "What was that Mom!?" and almost immediately afterwards I heard her talking to her brother angrily "Christo, I don't think you are funny" and at the same time I heard the soft noise of the beads, hanging before her door entrance. The same way it would sound when somebody walks through them. - I had not heard the squeaking of her bed so I knew it was not her that had climbed out of bed, but rather someone going into her room.

And it was THAT realization that got my IMMEDIATE attention, because I knew that my son would NEVER go inside his sister's room - especially at that time of night. My first thought was that there was an intruder in my house. I jumped up and ran down the corridor to her room. As I went barging into her room through the beads it felt as though I was running through a Freezer. NOBODY had to tell me that I had just ran through a ghost for I just KNEW.

I had turned on the light at the same time and was greeted by the sight of my Daughter sitting up straight on her bed HER EYES AS BIG AS SAUCERS. At the bottom of her bed her cat had flattened himself against the sheets - his ears flat ready to attack.
She told me that she had seen this figure right outside her doorway on the other side of the beads, It looked as though the person was holding something in his arms like a dog or a cat and that is why she had thought it was her brother. Sometimes our dog would climb onto his bed during the night and although he loves the dog he doesn't like it sleeping with him whilst my daughter and I didn't mind. She thought it was him bringing the dog to her. It was only when he came through the beads that she realized that he was too big to be her brother and that it was probably a grown man.

She also said that as I came barging into her room he simply disappeared into the ground. I allowed her to bring a mattress to sleep in my room that night , but it was only afterwards that it came to me.

My grandfather had died only a few months before that and he had always had a dog with him. He was a big man so it was probably him trying to communicate with the only member in our family who had the ability to do so. Now I know he would never intentionally have scared her so, but unfortunately he did.

I therefore asked him not to do that again and I thanked him for trying to communicate. I loved him dearly and still miss him a lot and I was very thankful that he came to us one more time.

Susan, South Africa
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