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Man With A Smile

Delores, NY, USA
August 2002

We bought our house four years ago. Since the very first day there have been weird feelings, sighting and occurrences. I will tell you about the one that still puzzles me the most.

On our second week of living in our new house, we were burglarized. It appeared to have been kids because they took really stupid things of little value. Anyways, a week or so afterward, my kids were in bed for the night and I went down to the basement to do laundry. Some history on the house, the house is 120 years old. The basement is just a stone room with concrete floors and a room in the back that has carpet on the walls and the window covered. That room feels horrible and we propped things against the door so that it wouldn't open. There is also a hole in floor that no matter what we close it up with, will reopen the next day, but that is another story.

Back to this one, as I was saying, I went to the basement to put in a load of laundry. I got to the bottom of the stairs, the washer and dryer were right in front of me and off slightly to left, there is an old half-bathroom. I look up and there is a man leaning against the bathroom door with his arms crossed, just smiling at me. I remember thinking to myself that I could not let him get upstairs to my children, remember we had just been robbed. Quite suddenly, he just uncrossed his arms and disappeared. He was in no way transparent, I honestly thought he was of this world when I first saw him.

I have no idea who he was or what he was doing there. I spoke with a psychic once and he told me there was a vortex in my basement and that my house sat on a spot where some energy lines crossed?

If anyone has any ideas or could maybe help me with whatever this house is, please contact me.

Will post some more stories over time. This house is just too active.

Delores, NY, USA
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