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Manic Maniac

Rachel, Tennessee, USA
December 2003

Iwas walking along a path one day in a little village called "Haithawou". It was a simple village, not built with riches, gold, silver, and precious metals - but of simple huts, dirt paths, and small fields full of corn and wheat. I was walking home when I saw a small girl. She looked much smaller than me, and she looked frazzled. Her clothes were tattered, her bare feet dirty with mud and soil, her head was cast to the ground, and her brown cloak was ragged and stained with dirt.

"Hello, little girl," I said and smiled. "Something wrong?" The girl just shook her head. I said, "Won't you answer me, young child?" and she looked up and stared at me with her beautiful blue eyes full of curiosity and passion for the world. Then it hit me. Maybe she was deaf or dumb..."Where are your parents?" I asked with a kind look, wanting to help the poor little girl. The girl shrugged her shoulders and held her hands up, signaling to me that she did not know or that she had none.

All of a sudden, a maniac came running down the street to me. He aimed for me and he tried to take the slave girl away. I screamed. The maniac's eyes were dilated, very strongly. This "maniac" was apparently insane. Naked, lean, and very odd-looking. He walked on all fours and then started screaming and he gave the slave girl back to me. Then he pulled out a knife and began to kill an innocent man.

I screamed with a scared look. I began to panic and cry excessively. I turned back at the girl who was now running off into the high field of corn stalks. "Wait!" I cried, "Oh, please wait! Don't go!" I yelled at her. Now her running grew faster and faster. Of course, she couldn't get away from me, as I was an adult, and she was only a mere child.

"Wait, little girl! I want to help you!" I said almost crying. I ran up alongside her and finally caught up. I grabbed her hand and she stopped. I was panting and sweating. "Why were you running, sweetie?" I said. "I am not going to hurt you," I said, frowning. She shook her head and started running again. "Oh, no you don't!" I said, and I grabbed her cloak. "Please, don't go," I said. "You're coming to the village with me," I said. And with that, I took her hand and dragged her to the village, while she squirmed and twisted and wriggled every other way to try to lose my grip.

We made it to the village and I took her to a small shack on a corner. It was a store, and the sign read, "Sacosha's". Wondering what that meant, I walked inside to find many goods. I walked up to the counter and there was a lady. "What can I do for you today?" she said with a smile. "Do you know this girl?" I asked and smiled back. "OH! GET HER OUT! GET THAT GIRL OUT OF MY STORE!!!!" the woman screamed and I took the girl in my arms and ran outside.

"She wasn't friendly to us, was she?" I asked the girl as I set her down. The girl stared me in the eye, and her eyes were so blue it was almost frightening. The girl continued to stare. It was like she was hypnotizing me or something. I laughed. "Well, girl, don't you know how to smile, silly?" I asked, still laughing. The girl did smile and then she pulled me on a path I have never been on. "Um, honey, let's not go this way, ok?" I asked, very afraid of what dangers might lay on this path.

The girl got an angry look and kept pulling me. She signalled for me to come. She led me down a very strange path. It wound this way and that, through fields, and tall grass, and we passed plants I had never seen before. We finally came to a hut. I looked at it, and knew it was bad. The door was swung open, the windows were gone, the straw on the roof had worn, and the material the house was made of was weathered away almost completely. She led me inside.

I screamed. It was everywhere. The floor, the bed, the sink, the walls, doors. It was on everything. Blood covered the room. The girl suddenly faded into the darkness of the room. Then I saw a white figure float over to me. It's eyes were piercing blue and a knife was in it's hand. I started to back up and the door shut behind me. There was no way out. I screamed as the ghost mercilessly stabbed me. I died right there in the house of a ghost slave girl who's parents had died long ago. I am a spirit, and I will never die. I will look everywhere for the ghost parents and the ghost slave girl who were all stabbed to death by a maniac who was naked, lean, and very odd-looking....Sometimes, if you listen at night, and you're in a small town filled with simple huts, dirt paths, and small fields full of corn and wheat, than you can even HEAR the screams of the innocent people that have been stabbed by "The Manic Maniac"....

Rachel, Tennessee, USA
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