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Many People Died Here

June 2007

I work in a day care centre, which is located in a building that was the town hospital in the 1940’s. The building is known to be haunted. Here is some information I have found on the internet about the building:

"There are repeated sightings of an older janitor of the building going from room to room to clean, a young boy with a back pack wandering the halls, and many kids have heard an elderly woman read them stories. Through the use of a Ouija board, staff members have communicated with the young boy, who is 9 years old, and afraid of being there. He often plays with the toys in the daycare in the basement, and has told the staff members that there are a total of 75 ghosts in the building."

I find this information interesting, and you will too when I share with you an experience that happened in the building just yesterday.

The bathroom that the school aged children use is located next to what used to be the hospital morgue. That information is creepy enough in itself. One of the children reported to a staff member that the tap in the bathroom would not shut off. She investigated (along with a group of children) to find the tap running furiously and water all over the floor. It took great force to shut the tap off. They then walked around the corner to get the mop and when they returned less than a minute later, the floor was bone dry. There was no-one else in that section of the building at the time and no drain for the water to escape to. Perhaps the ghostly janitor took care of the mess?

A staff member was using this same bathroom a couple of days before the above incident and on leaving the bathroom, she could not open the door. It was as if someone was on the other side yanking the doorknob so that the door could not be opened. The staff member looked under the door to see who was there but there was no-one. When she tried again the door opened freely.

Just one week ago, while working in one of the rooms, we informed the children it was time to tidy up and sit on the mat for circle time. We were about to commence singing when we heard someone moving around in the cubby house in the corner of the room. I, along with the other staff member in the room heard the commotion and went to investigate who the culprit was. We found no-one in the cubby and laughed it off as being "Fred", as the child ghost is affectionately known.

The room that we use as our toy storage area used to be the daycare office. The office was moved to another part of the building after a very weird experience took place.

The office staff used to lock the door to the office while they went to relieve daycare staff for their lunch breaks. One day on returning to the office, the two staff members unlocked the door to find that a ball of string which had been inside a desk drawer was now wrapped around the office chair. Also, the computers and telephone ceased to work. The office staff insisted the office be moved immediately. This room always gave me the creeps, and after I heard this story I thought, okay, now I know why.

One day I was working with a child on a project in a small room across the hallway from the old morgue and announced to the child that we had a big mess we needed to clean up. I distinctly heard a man’s voice sighing from outside the room. I wondered if I imagined it, and continued on with what I was doing.

The cook has reported the kitchen door slowly opening by itself when nobody else was around and a heavy storage room door sometimes opens of it’s own accord.

Experiences such as these are common place within this building. I’ve never been frightened by them but I have come to realise that we share our work place with many souls who for whatever reason cannot bring themselves to leave.

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