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Emily, Ontario, Canada
August 2011

Three years ago, I was an innocent 8th grade student. I never swore or misbehaved because my best friend was against all that; she had me well trained.

One night during summer break, I had finished reading for the night and turned out my light to go to sleep. I'm not sure how much time had passed but I still hadn't gone to sleep. Something caught my eye. It was a small figure crawling around on the floor. It was skinny, on its hands and feet and gave off an chilling yellow glow like an aura. It didn't appear to have a mouth, but there were black gaping holes where its eyes should be. I was frozen as I watched it crawl from the foot of my bed to where I was lying. At the last moment, I pulled my blanked over my head and slept like that for the rest of the night.

The next night I called my old friend. She told me about her growing interest in paranormal activities, so I decided to tell her about the previous night's little visitor. She was excited about my story, so we stayed up late talking about it.

During my phone call with her, I started seeing "it" crawling over to me again so I immediately hid under my blankets and told her what was happening. About an hour had passed and she calmed me down by talking about random things so I decided to come out from under the blankets. Pulling the blankets down to my shoulders, I saw it again. This time was different though. It was face to face with me, so close. It had a mouth, open wide showing long, sharp teeth, each about an inch long. And its eyes... Its eyes were the most unforgettable feature. I was staring directly into them. They were the large black holes like before, but inside was white. Darkness, then a little white dot- like a pen light. I was terrified, but only a few seconds had passed and I was under the blankets again.

The next night, I saw it crawl over to my bed again. I was going to hide like I did before, but I decided against it. In a nightmare, you always wake up before anything happens. I made sure not to miss this.

So I stayed there, and stared back at it. It was just crouching there looking up at me. I realized it wasn't a threat and decided to name it Medium. After that, Medium didnt scare me. About a week later though, I was having a sleepover with anther one of my friends. It was the morning after, and I was telling her about Medium, and I saw an arm come out of my vanity mirror. The arm looked human and strong. It looked like it was clawing at something, and it only happened once. My friend didn't see it though, so I am still the only one who saw any of this.

About 6 months ago, I told a very close friend of mine about Medium. I told him about my three encounters with him and how I changed a lot since then. Later that night, we were talking again and he told me he researched the subject and said he read many people's stories that were like mine. He said the number three was important because most people would have an encounter every three days, months or years and each encounter would last for three seconds, minutes or hours. He also told me he believes Medium is a form of Satan, but I dont believe him on that. Simply mentioning Medium while its dark out would terrify him...

Last night was my most recent encounter with Medium. But this time he was different again. I saw him infront of my door from a side view, so I couldn't see his face. He was looking down a bit and he was moving forward very slowly - 3cm per second. And this time, he was standing up straight. He was about 5 feet tall and his skin was light gray without the yellow aura.

I was on the phone with my friend who is afraid of Medium at the time, and it was around 2:30 am. This time we were both afraid, but I continued to tell him that Medium wasn't here to hurt me. And a few times, I heard heavy breathing on the phone that my friend didn't hear at all. I had a strong headache since then, but I doubt that is important.

Each time I saw Medium, I was wide awake; not even tired. So I know it wasn't a dream.

And im not making any of this up either. It seems so surreal, and you probably dont believe any of this either. But what could I get out of faking this?

Emily, Ontario, Canada
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