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Meena Called

Anonymous, PA, USA
April 2018

When I was very young, my sister was really sick and in the hospital for years. I lived primarily with my grandmother, who I called Meena.

My sister got well and her, me, and our youngest sister spent most days with Meena still. She died of breast cancer on January 6th, 2002, when I was 12. It tore our family up.

Three months after her death, on April 6th, 2002, my mother went to buy a new phone and answering machine for the home line. She brought the brand new, never used unit inside and plugged it in. Immediately, the screen on the answering machine says there is "1" message. My mom noted that she thought that was strange, especially as the phone was supposed to be brand new and so should never have before been hooked to a phone line. We were kids. At that moment, it didn't seem so strange.

Curious now, Mom plays the message. At this point, it is her, me, and my sister who is just a little over a year younger than me (the one who had been in the hospital.) We two might have been kids, but we were 12 and 11 (not entirely without perception) and all three of us are still positive what we heard that day... We all listened as my Meena's voice comes from the un-used answering machine, 3 months after she passed... "Hello all, just wanted to let you know that I am always here for you and I love you all very much!"

That was it. We three hit our knees and hugged each other, bawling. It was the most beautiful thing she could have ever done for us.

This story can be corroborated by myself, my sister, and my mother.

Anonymous, PA, USA
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