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Meeting Well Overdue

Sheri Dever, Arizona, USA
February 1999

My parents divorced when I was about 6 years old. I never got to know my Dads Mother. We never visited with her because the divorce was very messy and we never got to see "Grandma Dever". Because of the strained relationship between my parents I thought my Dad and Grandma never cared about me. So I went through life thinking she hated me. I always thought this was strange because we shared the same birthday, and the love for a ruby ring that she always wore. She always said this ring would be mine someday.

One year both of my grandmas' passed away with in weeks of each other. My Granny (My moms mom) died first, after she died I had a feeling that I should call Grandma Dever to check on her. I had this feeling that I had to go and visit her. Well, about two weeks later I was trying to decide if I should go or not. I did not know if she cared about or even if she wanted to see me. Needles to say I did not go and she died that week. I felt bad but I thought to late now. It really bothered me that I did not get to see her, I knew there was a reason that I was supposed to go. Well 3 years went by and I was seriously injured when a car hit me. One night while I was in the hospital, recovering from the surgery I had that day. I woke up with someone calling my name. I thought it was my mom, but once I was awake I realized that she had gone home. As my eyes came into focus I saw my Grandma Dever and someone else was standing on the right side of my bed patting my hand and watching over me. I starting crying because I knew exactly why she was there. She knew that I had felt all my life that she did not love or care about me. She told me that she was sorry and that she did love me. She had also brought along my Great Grandma Valentine, whom I had never met. She had died before I was born. Grandma Dever wanted me to know that even she (Great Grandma Valentine) loved me and they would be watching over me, comforting me.

All I could do was cry, because I knew she cared and all the hard feelings was gone. I did not have to hate any longer. I never felt so close to her than I did that night. Since then every time I recall that night, I can still hear her talking to me. I cant hear everything she said but I will never forget the feeling of happiness and love. I feel closer to her after that night than I had the whole time she was living. Thanks Grandma for giving me the release of hate and guilt that I needed. Now I know she cares. I hope this story helps someone who thinks that its to late when they die to say I love you.

Sheri Dever, Arizona, USA
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