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Midnight Ride With a Demon

Pippin, Indiana, USA
October 2008

This is a story that my Grandmother told me as a teenager, and it has always spooked me when my family speaks about it. My Grandmother has passed on, she was born in 1912, so when she was a small girl there werent many cars where she lived. My great- grandfather is the one that had the experience. When my great-grandmother was expecting my aunt,(my grandmothers sister) it was in the spring time and they had been having a lot of storms and wind that year. The night that she was to be born my great- grandmother told my great-grandfather that he would have to go for the doctor, because she thought it was going to be a difficult birth, and there was no midwife to help her. So he saddled up the horse and started out for the doctor. My grandmother was only 7 years old and couldnt be of much help. In the country where they lived was a huge gully full of tall trees and caves, the people of the area always said that there were demons in them, so most people hated to pass through that area after dark, including my great- grandfather.

As he was on his way to get the doctor a bad storm came up, with a lot of wind and pounding rain. By the time he got there he was soaked to the bone, so the doctor told him to go inside and have a hot drink and warm up, but first he had to tend to the horse, giving it food and rubbing it down so it wouldnt catch pnuemonia. Meanwhile the doctor was on his way to my grandmother's house. After my great-grandfather got warmed up he accidentally fell asleep, and when he woke it was almost midnight. He hurridly got the horse and started on his way home. There was hardly any moonlight, and he feared going past the woods that were dark and deep. As he approached the area something leaped onto the back of the horse and threw its arms around him. He was terrified, whatever it was had the breath of something dead, and a sort of growl as he had never heard before, the horse bolted, it was hard for my great-grandfather to control it. The horse ran for its life,luckily it knew its way home, as they got to a small bridge just before the house,the thing jumped off into the woods. When he reached the house the doctor had just deliverd the baby, she was breach, great-grandmother knew that something wasnt right, but she was ok. He didnt tell her right away what happend, he knew she would be afraid, but when the doctor asked him why he was so late, he told the story to him. My grandmother said he knew that a demon rode home with him that night.

Pippin, Indiana, USA
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