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Midnight Sighting

Vicki Bryan, UK
July 2003

It was summer, well at least that's what I thought it was, I mean it was July, but it wouldn't stop raining. My family and I had been staying in a very old house in Cornwall for a couple of days and we hadn't gone out much because of the rain.

It was the night before we were due to go home, but I really wanted to go home that night, even though it took six hours to get home I wanted to go. I had a bad feeling about that place from day one.

On the first day we went to choose rooms, back home I had to share a room with my sister so I was happy that we would all get a room each! But the room I got stuck with creeped me out so much that I ended up sleeping in the same room as my brother and sister even though I was on the floor.

My mum and dad refused when I said why don't we go home, they said let's stay another night, dispite the dampness on the walls and the chill that lingered in the air even if the heating was up full blast!

After tossing and turning for about an hour I finally fell asleep at about midnight that night. I was only asleep for a few minutes in which I had an awful nightmare, when I woke up I saw a man standing by my sister's bed. I closed my eyes and pinched myself to see if I was dreaming, I wasn't.
I made myself open my eyes again, and I gasped so loudly because the man still stood there, he looked so evil, so full of malice, his eyes looked like two burning coals and his face was filled with anger, like we were invading his personal space. I couldn't stay any longer, I ran out of the room and into my parents room, my dad said he would sleep there for the night and in the morning reported that nothing was there. Was it just my imagination or was there really a man there...

Vicki Bryan, UK
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