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Misadventures of A Haunted Life

Cliff Sherman, PA, USA
January 2004

My earliest experiences with the supernatural occurred when I was ten years old. There were three bedrooms, so my brother and I were each able to have our own rooms. Not only did he often tell me stories of a "ten foot man" that came to terrify him at night, but I was also subjected to very uneasy feelings when I stayed in my room alone.

For a while I thought I was just hallucinating when I saw evil shadows lurking in the darkness, or when I heard banging coming from the closet. Coming back from the bathroom I often saw a group of the shadow people standing around my bed. I usually spent the night on the couch at that point.

Other times I would try to enter my room only to be stopped by a strange soul-gripping fear. Just when I thought I was getting comfortable with my unwelcome visitors, the main force of evil decided to show itself.

Throughout the space of a week I would wake up at exactly 3:00 am to the sound of nails tapping on my window. My bed would begin to shudder and I would see what looked like a fountain of colors erupt from the floor of the room near my left shoulder. I would experience a feeling of complete disorientation accompanied by dizziness and the shadow people would seem to fill the room. I would often see strange figures in the mirror that was hung on the wall near the foot of my bed. On the last day that the intense phenomena happened, I saw my wall bulge out as if someone was pressing on it from outside the house. Suddenly, the bulge gave birth to the most evil face I have ever witnessed. It had chalk white skin and stringy, greasy brown hair that would have been shoulder length if it had bothered to manifest shoulders. It looked at me and the sagging flesh around its eyes housed nothing but empty pits of deep blackness. I must have flinched because it smiled a cruel smile, revealing twisted, broken, rotten teeth. Then, it simply disappeared. I never saw that fiend again, but I often felt his presence.

Later, I moved to upstate New York and lived with my Dad for a time though I still went back to that house when I visited my Mom. It was during a break in my sophmore year of high school that an amazing thing happened in that room.

I was going through a very rough time and was very depressed. I climbed into bed for the night and tried to sleep. I was staring into the mirror, hoping that the fiend would nto decide to show up again, when I saw a figure appear in the glass. I remember being startled but not afraid at all. It was dressed in a dark brown robe with a hood, so I could not see its face. It placed its palms against the glass for a moment, then pressed them through into my room. It gripped the edges of the mirror and hauled the rest of its body into our world, where it crumpled to the floor. It must have lain on the floor for a moment as I saw nothing. Suddenly, the robe billowed up near the foot of my bed and assumed a humanoid shape. It glided around the bed to hover near my right shoulder and seemed to be looking into my face. Then, it held its hands above my face, palms down. I immediately blacked out. It seemed only an instant later, but I was awake. I was in an incredible mood; though I did nto at that point remember what happened, my depression had lifted and then some. I climbed out of bed and turned to make it when I noticed something odd. There was a beautiful stone laying in my bed directly in the area where the small of my back would have been.

There is no way that the stone could have been there the night before; I would have noticed the stone and picked it up. The stone itself looked as if it were a blackened, skeletal hand clutching a blazing ball of fire, for in between the "fingers" of black stone were streaks of beautiful orange and red, the colors of a sunset. I only had the stone in my posession for two weeks, but those two weeks were the most fantastic weeks I had ever had (at that point). It was more than enough to get me out of my depression, and I am very thankful for that spirit's kind gift. Unfortunately, I kept the stone in my wallet, intending to make a pendant of it, when my wallet was stolen in a rash of burglaries of the school gym locker room. Someday, I hope to be able to contact the spirit that made the stone. i wouldn't dream of asking for another, I just wish to thank it for saving my life.

Cliff Sherman, PA, USA
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