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Miss Vivian's Place

Yvonne, GA, USA
October 2001

My husband and I recently moved to Savannah Georgia. We found a house we liked with a mature flower garden at a very reasonable price. It is a brick bungalow stle built in the early 1960's. The lady who had it built was named Vivan and she was the only person who ever lived here. It had been empty for several years after she died.

This is a very old and settled neighborhood in a small southern town. Many people who live in this neighborhood are related, or at least know each other. I have been told lots of nice things about Miss Vivian. I know that she was a teacher and a southern belle.

She is definitely still here! Twice in a month my husband and I have had simultaneous experiences, or very close to simultaneous. The first thing that happened was that I woke up one night and opened my eyes and found myself staring right in to something big and white. It was like looking into a snowbank! I let out a holler waking my husband. The first words out of his mouth were, look at the lights! There are two of them!" What he saw when he sat up in bed after I hollered were two white globes of light floating in the air in the hallway.

The next thing that happened was just this week. It was five in the morning and I woke up and went to go to the toilet. I was in the hall right next to the bathroom door and facing away from our bedroom into a front room which we use for an office. A car went by stirring shadows on the wall. I suddenly felt a little disoriented. Suddenly from the corner of the office near the floor a little round bright white light popped like a flash from a flashbulb. I said "Hmmph." I visited the toilet and then went to the kitchen for a drink of water. My husband got up and went into the toilet while I was in the kitchen. I came back into the hall and I saw him and said, "I just saw something" and he said, "yeah two of them, they were just in the shower." and I told him no it was in the office when I saw it.

We aren't scared or anything. But I do beleive Miss Vivian is still on the premises!

Yvonne, GA, USA
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