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Mom's Last Visit

Connecticut, USA
June 1997

About three year's ago my mom passed away, she was very sick and had been in the hospital for a while. Before she died my family was asked to come to the hospital during her stay and asked to sign papers to allow the doctors not to revive her in the event that she went into arrest. We did and about a couple of weeks after that she passed away. She had donated her body to science and was to be cremated but we still had a memorial service for her. About a week or so before the memorial service a friend had spent the night. In the morning she left to go to work, this was very early in the morning about 5.00amish so it was still dark out side, I got up to let her out and about ten minutes after she left I heard a knock on the door. I got up thinking my friend had forgotten something and as I went to open the door the person just walked right through the door without me opening the it! I looked at them but I could see no face - it was sort of shady and transparent. I didn't feel scared, I had sort of a tranquil feeling. The person then kind of guided me to my bed and I lay down and fell a sleep. The next day I told my sister and right away she thought the same as I did, it was my mom visiting me for the last time!! You see, before my mother went into the hospital I was the one who took care of her. I will never forget that day and I always feel special that I was the one who got that last visit.

Connecticut, USA
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