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Monkey Woman

Guanacaste, Costa Rica
June 1998

Hey, my name is Alan, a traumatized soul with a story. One day I went to Costa Rica for a vacation and it was great until the day I went to camp at the beach. It was late at night we were all having a party in celebration of us being there. Well it got late and we were all tired so we decided to hit the hay. On our way my Uncle and I decided to go back to camp on my Aunt's horse. My uncle was really drunk and he was acting very rude and mean to everybody there. Then my Aunt whispered to me to pray to God to protect you tonight and to forgive me for my sins, so before I went to sleep I did. Then at 3:27am I woke up because I heard a weird noise. I got up and got out of my cabin to breathe some fresh air when I heard a noise again like a door creaking . It sounded like it came from my Uncles room so I went to his window and I saw the reason my Aunt told me to pray.

My Uncle was sound asleep and in his room I saw an attractive women nude. She crouched down and tapped my Uncle my Uncle woke up, saw her and dosed off again, then the women tapped more violently on my uncle. My uncle got angry and looked up and right in front of me the women transformed to a hideous thing, it looked like a monkey, she grunted and squealed and got on top of my uncle and started choking him hard, he was terrified but could not speak.

Next morning my uncle woke up first. He looked terrible and did not say a word the whole day, later in the afternoon we all went for a swim and I saw huge red scratch marks on my uncles neck. What was this that happened? Was I dreaming?

Guanacaste, Costa Rica
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