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More Strange Experiences

Pearl J. Nestor, Anchorage, Alaska
November 2010

Hello, I am P.J. Nestor and have contributed several stories on this site. I feel comfortable on this site and have been a huge fan of these archives for some time.

As I have been saying I've have had many paranormal experiences all my life. I've tried to put them in order to give an accounting of all my episodes, which I will, but thought it more interesting to give some accounts where people are with me when strange stuff happens. I used to live in a small apartment in Anchorage, Alaska in the early 80's.

Since the day I moved in there was loud knocking at the door in the early morning hours, usually around three am or five am. I would open the door and no would be there. This went on for about five years or so. One time my brother John was staying overnight and this was a one room apt, so I kept several sleeping bags if someone wanted to stay overnight. Just as it always happens there was loud and urgent knocking at the door, I asked my brother to answer the door, only when he opened it up, no one was there. It had also just snowed, and there were no footprints in the newly fallen snow! He kept asking over and over again how that could be. I didn't have an answer for him, but I told him I was happy that someone was with me when it did happen, because most people wouldn't believe me that I had it happen for months.

Another time, around the same time as this episode, I had a friend Dottie whose husband used to work up on the slope, she was always afraid to stay by herself so I used to keep her company when her husband went out of town. One night we were on our way to Bingo and she said not to use the water because she was going to take a shower and it affects the water temp. I stayed in the living room and watched the TV. I heard the washer machine turn on and thought that was strange since Dottie was still in the shower. When Dottie came out of the shower she asked me why I turned on the washer machine, which I did NOT! It happened all its own.

I gave Dottie a lamp that I didn't need any more because I got a new one. One time in the middle of the night, the lamp shade shattered, just like that! She was rather spooked of me after that and mentioned that there is something following me around causing all these things. No doubt about that, I always felt it so.

One time I took a painting class and made this really nice painting. My mother was in the living room and I presented the painting to her. As soon as I showed her, the painting on my wall that was by another artist, flew off the wall. We were stunned, I looked to see if the nail was in its place, it was, no reason why it should have happened. All these thing are rather odd, with no explanation, they happen in seconds. Nothing before, and nothing afterwards, and you are left with wondering WHY??? Just a few seconds of strange things all your life really do add up to something. It's enough to make a body wonder at it all. Go figure folks. All these things together cannot be a random chance. I am not afraid of these things; I am looking forward to the next weird, strange, other worldly, experience. This is truly a big wonderful world! I bid you all good tidings. These are all true accounts as I have stated to you all, and I have witnesses too.

Pearl J. Nestor, Anchorage, Alaska
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