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More Than Dinner

Beverley Curtis, Newfoundland, Canada
August 2001

It was just a dinner invitation or so I thought! I went to my friend Ausma's house in the middle of the summer. I sat in the recreation room while she prepared the meal. My husband at the time and her daughter Astra were in the backyard viewing the pool. I sat in a comfy chair listening to some easy listening music. Ausma and I chatted back and forth in between. Suddenly, I heard "scratch, scratch", behind my head on the chair. I immediately thought, oh one of the cats are in. Then I just happened to glance through the window and saw the only two cats they owned, romping in the grass outside. I immediately jerked my head around and saw that there wasn't a cat behind me. I was startled and told Ausma what had happened. She chuckled and said oh that's just our ghost cat. She arrived 7 years ago from we don't know where, later died, and never left. I trip over her all the time because I cant see her. I said your kidding right? "No, no my dear", she said, "we are used to having her around, she's one of the family".

The evening got stranger if that were possible.

When Astra came inside she beckoned me up the staircase. I questioned why but she wouldn't say. At the top she motioned that I should keep coming across the landing. I did as instructed and stopped dead in my tracks. I became aware of a cold chill from one spot to the next. I asked her "why is it so cold here in just one spot"? She replied I was hoping you could tell me. I was wondering if you would notice it. We have a ghost in our house. Picked her up apparently when we went to the graveyard to view some old headstones. Got in our car and became aware of someone sitting in the back behind us. Since then she appears at night and cries and laughs. She's harmless and we dont mind having her here.

Well I was really blown away by now! What had started out as an ordinary invitation to dinner, turned out to be an extraordinary evening after all. I have no explanation for the cause!

Beverley Curtis, Newfoundland, Canada
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