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Moving House (2)

August 2002

This happened at our home just a few minutes outside of Windsor, Ontario.

My parents built this house 15 years ago and previously the land was a vacant lot. We moved in when I was ten, and at age ten, I never really thought much about the paranormal. Years later, that changed when I started to notice something. Every single time I walked from my bedroom upstairs to the bathroom down the hall (or the other way around) I saw two flickering lights that zoomed passed me. They were tiny bright little flashes, no bigger than a sparkle, but bright and fast enough for me to notice them.

For years I've noticed them, and I kind of expected them to appear every time I went down that hallway. It never happened anywhere else either. I've tried to see if it was something else, like a reflection from the hallway mirror, but a few years ago the mirror was taken down and they still appeared. I thought it could be the hallway night light, but when the light wasn't on they still appeared. I thought it could be my contact lenses, but everytime I'd take my contacts out, I'd still see the tiny flashes zoom across. I tried everything, I had no answer.

Well, not even a month ago, my family and I moved from that house out to the county (Dad's now retired, and I decided to move out on my own at the same time). We took about a week to move out since the house is pretty big and my parents are huge pack-rats. Anyway, one night dad and I were alone at the 'old house' (I hate calling it that!). We were in the garage cleaning some stuff out, ready to go to the new house.

On one side of the garage, there were two fairly big glass shelves that were tilted up against the wall, ready to be packaged and moved. We were standing on the opposite side assessing the huge mess, when all of a sudden one of the glass shelves completely tilted over. And it didn't slide from the bottom like you would think, but it actually tilted from the top where it was leaning. My dad and I ran across the room just in time for dad to keep it from breaking. We looked at each other with wide eyes, and right at that moment, the other glass shelf (which was about 4-5 feet away) started to tilt over too! And again, it started to tilt from the top away from the wall, not sliding down. This time I ran across to keep it from breaking. The way they were leaning, there was no way they could have tilted on their own. (They had to have been leaning at a 60-degree angle.)

So dad and I stood there, shocked and speechless, when all of a sudden, and I'm NOT even kidding you, the shelves felt like the weight had doubled or tripled. I had a hard time holding mine up, so I screeched for dad to help me, and he somehow managed to hold them both up with a bit of my help. And they were heavy.

As we're holding the shelves up, I thought to myself, is what's happening what I think is happening? So out loud, I started to apologize for having to move (I know it sounds silly, but that's the only thing I could think of). I said, "Sorry little guys, we have to go, it's time. We have to move, I wish we could stay." This lasted about 10 seconds tops, and then... the shelves were back to the normal weight. My dad and I carefully laid them on the ground in silence.

On the way to the new house, I told him about what I always saw in the hallway. I hadn't told anyone about it until then. And I never knew if anyone else in the house ever saw them. But when I finished my story, my dad looked at me with a smile and said, "Princess, every single day I noticed those two lights, and came up with every excuse in the book to explain what they were. And I never could..."

I still have no idea what those lights were. And I have NO IDEA how those shelves could have tipped like that and how they got to be so heavy at one point. I'd like to think it was our two little friends telling us they were upset we had to move... telling us they wanted us to stay.

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