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Mr. Cooper

Florida, USA
July 2002

First of all, let me start by saying that my grandparents have informed me that a certain Mr. Cooper was the gentleman that built and lived in the house my experience took place in. Perhaps he has stuck around to make sure all of the house's owners take good care of it?

Anyhow, My experiences began in the old house that my grandparents live in up in PA, when I was about three or four. Now, this house has been said to be haunted since before my grandparents moved in, which was about twenty- five years ago. In fact, the house has been haunted for a few hundred years. But I was young and didn't know this-- yet.

When they moved in, my grandparents had an extra room that was too small to be a bedroom, but too big to be a closet. They had no idea what to do with it until the kids came along, at which time they transformed it into the perfect little playroom. Since then, many a generation has played in that room, not excluding me and one cousin (and best friend) who is almost the same age as me.

One day I was playing contentedly in that little playroom when all of the sudden all of the hair on the back of my neck began to rise and my mind screamed "RUN!!!" I would've done just that, but I knew that my father would've made me come back and clean up my mess, whether I was scared or not. So instead I threw the lego house I had been slaving over for an hour into the nearest box and scuffled out and down the stairs as fast as I could, trying not to run as my child's mind told me that when you run, things chase you.

That was the last time I ever, ever went into that room.

My cousin had the same experience about eight or ten months later (she's eight months younger than me!!!), and that was the last time she ever went in there as well. Our younger cousins (all seven and up, now) do not go in there either. To this day I wonder why we were all scared from that room at that age.

Could it be that Mr. Cooper wanted to make his presence known at a time he knew we would remember? Who knows. But I have since learned to live peacefully with him and have politely made it clear that I would like to be left alone.

I have more experiences that I would like to share with you, but I would like to keep this short. Thank you for sharing your time . ^_^

Florida, USA
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