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Mr. Thomas

February 2005

I have very little experience with ghosts. In fact, I don't know much about the paranormal. I have always been interested in it though, but I think at some point everyone is.

It all started when I met my boyfriend, who is now my fiance. I am originally from Texas and I moved to North Carolina to be with him. We lived in North Carolina for one year, before moving back to his home town in Tennessee.

One of the first things he told me was that his house was haunted. The ghost was Mr. Thomas, and that was his house. While we lived in NC we would occasionally take trips to visit his family in TN. During these trips I would never go anywhere in that house by myself. After a few, I started getting used to it, and I would venture off when I wasn't thinking about it.

My first experience with Mr. Thomas was when I was in my fiance's old bedroom. I was getting dressed, ya know doing the woman thing. I left the room turned the light off, and went back into the den. I guess it was maybe 30 minutes later, I was headed back to that room for something, and believe it or not the light was on. So I didn't even bother going back there I just turned around and went back into the den.

About three months ago, I moved into the house. My fiance and I need to save money so we live with his parents for the time being. Mr. Thomas was always doing little things like unplugging my phone charger and alarm clock. I soon got used to it. I never see him, and for the past month it has been pretty quiet. Until last night, and this morning.

My fiance works with his parents and they leave at about 6:00am. I don't get up until 6:30. This morning I got up turned the lights in the hallway on, which is something that I always do, grabbed a towel from the closet and headed for the shower. Keep in mind that there is a door in the hallway that closes off the livingroom, kitchen, and den to the rest of the house. Nobody ever closes that door, it's pointless.

While I was in the shower I heard something at the bathroom door. Assuming it was my cat, he scratches at the door when he wants in, I didn't pay any attention to it. I was on edge though, taking precaution when I opened the bathroom door. I looked to my left towards the kitchen, and that hallway door was closed, so I turned right and headed for my bedroom. At this point I thought someone was in the house with me. I called my fiance, at work, and told him what was going on. First words out of his mouth was, it was Mr. Thomas. I was still worried so I grabbed a golf club, and searched the house with him on the phone. Then I hear his mom in the background saying, it was definitely Mr. Thomas, because he turned my TV on at 2:00 this morning. This is not the only time family members have had problems with him, and though he seems to do no harm, except for the time my fiance's older brother was pulled out of the bed by his ankles, I think he just wants us to know he's there.

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