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Mum's Always There When You Need Her!

Yorkshire, England
April 2001

Before I commence I must state that when these events took place I was a callow fifteen year old whose hormones were working overtime! I am ashamed of what I did but, we were all young once!

In 1973 I lived in a large town about seven years from Manchester, England. The streets were made up of terraced houses and entrance to the living rooms was directly from the street. These houses consisted of a living room and a kitchen downstairs and two small bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.

Living in one of these houses a few hundred yards from me was a young woman named Kath. She was more than a little odd as were her parents. They tended to keep very much to themselves and were considered to be harmless eccentrics. Sadly Kath's mum died leaving just her and her father.

Soon it became apparent that Kath enjoyed the company of young boys when her father was working at night, so, not wishing to be left behind, and being under the strict control of the aforementioned hormones me and my best friend went round and struck lucky!

I couldn't wait for the next night, so with friend again in tow we visited Kath. This time, however, she was not as willing as the previous evening. I thought that I would stand more chance alone so despatched my friend to the house of his girlfriend.

Despite my beseeching and promises of everything from marriage to lifelong devotion Kath remained adamant. During this time I had become aware of a noise like someone moving furniture around but put this down to one of the neighbours. Soon, however, the noises became more severe and violent and I commented on this to Kath who shouted,"Stop it mum you're scaring him." By this time I was still intent on accomplishing my mission and dismissed her comments as those of the mad woman she was supposed to be and continued despite the commotion growing in ferocity.

By this time I was convinced that the commotion was coming from upstairs but I knew we were alone.

Suddenly without warning Kath rose from the sofa and walked to the kitchen as if in a trance. Now I was really scared and I followed her as far as the kitchen door were I could see that kath was perched on the table at the bottom of the stairs. (Only the door to the stairs was visible.) Suddenly the door at the top of the stairs was flung open violently and I could hear the sound of footsteps slowly coming down the stairs. A woman's voice was saying." Get out, get out and leave her alone" I was rooted to the spot with sheer terror and the steps came nearer and nearer. With a super-human effort I managed to turn and run and didn't stop until I reached the house where My friend had gone to earlier.

When at last I could relate my story my friends girlfriend. Joyce phoned Kath and asked her what the problem was. Apparently Kath informed her that she had had burglars and was going to phone the police. Joyce agreed to go and see what the problem was and went away for about an hour. On her return she said that she had never seen such a scene of destruction. Every drawer in the bedrooms had their contents strewn across the floors. Wardrobes had been tipped forward and their contents emptied.


Yorkshire, England
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