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Mum's Ghostly Experience

Beth, Essex, UK
September 2003

This actually happened to my mother, Rita, when she was a child, she told me this story many years ago, and has really never been very bothered by it, but I thought, what the hell, lets let everyone hear it, so here goes!!

At the time Rita was living in a seaside town, in a small house that still stands, seemingly unchanged, and I believe most of my family also had experiences in that house.

It was the middle of the night, and Rita was sleeping, (she has very bad eyesight and wears thick glasses to correct this) when she was woken by the sound of an old fashioned glass chandelier falling to the ground, close by, she, of course, awoke with a start to see standing beside her bed a well built, tall man. Rita assumed this man must have been her father playing a joke on her, and trying to scare her (he had the same build and was always a bit of a prankster!!) she was not wearing her glasses, so only had the mans height and build to go on. Still thinking it was her father, she sleepily mumbled "go away dad, I'm sleeping, and you didn't scare me anyway....I knew it was you!" as she was saying this there was another crash, like another chandelier hitting the ground and the figure was gone. Rita turned over and went back to sleep, assuming that her father was done, because he hadn't managed to scare her.

The next day she asked her mother to tell her father not to wake her in the middle of the night and try to scare her as it was unkind, to which her mother replied that her father had been out until long after that time the night before, and would never scare her in that way, as he wouldn't have found that funny. Rita told her mother what had happened and got little reply, as her mother had often seen this figure on, or at the top of the stairs in that house, and didn't want to scare her with stories. She has since told me of seeing this figure on a regular basis. Also while living in this same house, my Uncle, Rita's older brother saw a lady he knew very well as he came home one night, it was midnight, exactly, because the town clock was striking the time. He said "good evening" to her, she responded in kind, and nothing more was thought about it, untill he got home the next evening and his mother told him this particular neighbour had died at midnight the night before, just as he was talking to her in the street!

I have many other stories from the same house, and a few from other since, but I will share them at some later date, hope you all enjoyed it, I did when I was told of it!! :)

Beth, Essex, UK
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