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Reina Serna, CO, USA
April 2005

My name is Reina and my story starts back in 1998, the day before Easter.

My cousin Muneca (name means Doll in English), had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy. Ever since she was little doctors had told her she would never be able to have children. She had so many medical problems the family lost count.

Muneca was about 7 years older then me. I have an older brother, but to have an older sister was my dream. So I guess I made her my big sis. I followed her every where she went, everything she did I wanted to do. She always used to say that she would take me to my first dance and throw me my own Quencinera (in the Mexican culture it is the celebration of a girl becoming a women at the age 15). But all these plans changed........they changed that day....before Easter.

I was getting ready to go see her and her new baby Eric at the hospital. I had just gotten out of the shower when the phone rang and my dad came to my room and told me "that was your grandma. I'm sorry baby.....but Muneca past away this morning". Right there it felt like some one just ripped out my heart from my chest and stomped on it and all I was able to think to my self was "Why God? Not my sister, Not my cousin".

Everyone went to the hospital. I went in her room and I just sat there in a daze, hoping she was just sleeping. After the whole fuss and everyone had gone home thats when the phenomena happened, but only to those who were close to, my aunty Tonya, my grandma, her sister, and of course her son. At exactly midnight we all had a visitor.

My grandma woke up and saw my cousin walk through her living room, and tell her "ma, todo esta bien. por favor no llores mas" (in English means...Ma, everything is ok, please don't cry anymore).

Next was my aunty Tonya. She kept getting calls in the middle of the night and every time she answered she said she heard a laugh and a song in the background, but every time nothing would register on her caller ID. She said the laugh sounded like Munecas laugh, her laugh sounded the same way when she and Muneca would get together and just joke around and the song that was playing was Luna by Ana Gabriel, which was my cousins favorite song.

Then Muneca's next visit was home. I guess to see Eric one last time. That night Eric slept in Yolanda's room (her sister). When she woke up she saw Muneca sitting in a chair she had next to the crib, and Muneca was holding Eric and singing to him, and when he fell asleep she put him in his crib and turned to Yolanda and just smiled and disappeared. Last was of course me. I fell asleep crying of course. In my dream I was laying my head on her lap like I always used to and she told me that no matter what she will always be with me and I need to stop crying because she wasn't in pain anymore and to never stop doing what I'm doing because I have talent.

After all that I guess we all slept just a little better that night. Some people say that it was a messenger telling us she made it to Heaven, some say she came back to say good bye the right way, either way it was still her way to say everything is gonna be ok.

Every since she was born she was proof to show miracles can happen.

Thanks for ready my story.

Reina Serna, CO, USA
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