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Musical Doll

May 2003

This happened a couple of years ago to my daughter.

She was going through a rough time. For several nights in a row she had been awakened at night and had seen glowing balls of light in her room. She was really freaked out by this. She checked every morning for glow in the dark objects that may have been the culprit, or a flash light the cat may have accidentally turned on but nothing could explain what was happening.

After a really bad day she lay awake not being able to sleep and she stared to cry. She looked across her room and she saw the glowing orb again. Now she was really upset.
She shut her eyes. Next she heard her musical doll start to play. The doll was inside a shut curio cabinet. She had not opened it for months. She hadn't played the doll since her Grandfather had died a couple of years earlier. She then felt a small hand on her back making comforting motions like a younger child might do. After this she got up and woke me up.

The next day we moved the doll out of her room. It's never played again. My daughter, though freaked out at first, says the whole experience wasn't really as scary as comforting to her. She felt it was her Grandfather and baby brother trying to help her out of her troubled times.

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