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My Angel (2)

Colorado, USA
October 1999

Iwonder about my experience to this day. I can't explain how it happened, but I promise you that this is an entirely true story.

My experience was when I was 12 years old. My family owns a lovely piece of land in the mountains that my grandparents bought over 50 years ago. It is about fifty acres of land and 6 cabins which were built by my parents and grandparents. The main cabin, which is the largest as it is two stories high and made out of logs, is where my first experience happened. My 3 sisters, 2 brothers and I had been working on a fort that was in between two rocks. It had a roof of logs and pine needles and we filled the gaps between the 2 large rocks with small rocks. There was a narrow tunnel under on rock that allowed us to crawl into our fort. Below that is a cliff so my mom was always worried about us.

One day as we were all walking down to the fort, I decided to see if the roof was stable, so I started to walk on the edge. This was a very dangerous part of the fort because below it was thousands of small sharp rocks. I was almost to the other rock when a log moved causing me to lose my balance. I started to fall towards the rocks. I was thinking "Oh God help me." My brothers and sisters saw none of this as they were crawling through the tunnel. Suddenly, as I fell, my flailing hands closed around an aspen tree branch. I hung there for a while trying to catch my breath. Then I felt my oldest brother grab my middle and pull me onto the rock. I lay shaking and my brothers and sisters stood around me asking what happened. They kept saying that I was suspended in mid air and it looked like I was floating. I kept telling them that I was holding an aspen tree. Then it occurred to me that there were no trees close enough to grab from where I was.

I looked at the spot where I had grabbed the tree and sure enough, the tree was gone. I don't know what truly happened but I had a feeling then and I still do that my desperate plea was heard and that God answered it with a tree.

Colorado, USA
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