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My Aunt's Last Goodbye

Ash, Manila, Philippines
May 2007

Hi guys this is Ash from the Philippines. I love reading ghost stories and while I'm surfing the internet I found Castle of Spirits and I read a lot of ghost stories here. Now I think its my time to share my own ghost story and here's how it goes.

This story is all about the premonition of my Aunt (my father's younger sister) after she died (40 days after). In the Philippines old folks believe that the spirit of the person after he/she died will leave the Earth and go to heaven after 40 days and we usually have a celebration during the 40th day.
It was my Aunt's 40th day and all of our relatives (in my father's side) were having a celebration in our house (actually I believe that our house is really haunted! coz I always having a paranormal experience with our house and I'll tell you that on my next story.) because for us its not just my aunt's 40th day but also a family reunion as well...All of the people are happy having chit chat with each other about everyone's life, and also aside from this chit chat, the guys (usually my father, my uncles and my older cousins) is having a great time drinking alcoholic drinks (well they usually do that). And as for us children (I was 15 years old during that time now I'm 21) we were having a great time playing computer games in my room.

The celebration ended at around 12 midnight and all of my relatives are planning to stay at our house until tomorrow morning. My cousin (my Aunt's daughter) is staying with me at my room together with my Uncle (my Aunt's older brother). It was about 3am in the morning (coz its such a coincidence that I look at my alarm clock) when I woke up (because my cousin is trying to wake me up and hiding in my blanket) I saw a figure of a lady standing just beside my closet and as I look at here for almost a minute I notice that she's floating in the mid air. At first I thought it was just a light, since my closet is beside the window but as I look outside the window I noticed that its dark outside and there's no light turned on!
What I did is that I get up (with my cousin still hiding under my blanket) and go to the window to check if there's a light turned on but unfortunately all of the lights in our house are turned off. It was then that I realize that it was a ghost! I rush to my bed and hide under my blanket and just try to go to sleep.

The morning after that encounter we were having breakfast when I ask my cousin why is she hiding under my blanket she just said "Nakita ko si mama." (I saw mom) it was then that I realized that she also saw what I saw, that's why she's hiding under my blanket. She even told me that "Tumayo ka pa nga at pumunta sa bintana" (I saw you get up from your bed and go to the window). I then told her that I also saw the figure of the white lady floating and described it to her and she told me that it was also the lady that she saw which she referred to as my Aunt.

We told it to my dad in front of all our relatives and he just told us that my Aunt just wanted to say her last goodbyes and that we just have to pray for her soul.

Note: Well I thought it was really my Aunt's last goodbye until my second encounter with her which I'm gonna tell you guys on my next story.

Thanks for your time, watch out for my next story.

Ash, Manila, Philippines
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