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My Brother's Home Haunting

Victoria VanGeem, CA, USA
December 2012

Twelve weeks ago I went out to El Paso, TX to visit my brother and his family also to babysit my little niece and nephew while they went to work in Arizona. About a week or two being there they left for work and I would stay at their home and watch the kids, drop them off at school and pick them up, etc.

I've always been a non believer in spirits and anything of that nature because I've never experienced it before. About 2 weeks into being there alone with the kids is when I began to notice some unusual things but didn't feel uncomfortable really because random things happen all the time.

I would feed the kids at night get them ready for bed then they would go to sleep and I would make sure everything was cleaned up, all of the lights turned off, and I would go to my room. When I went out to get some water I saw that my nephew's light was turned on so I thought he woke up or something, I went in to his bedroom and he was asleep and so was my niece so that was a little weird.

A few days went by and nothing happened since then. But a little later on I began to hear the refrigerator door open and close at night with the hallway lights turning on and off then I got a little scared. One night my niece who is 3 she woke up just screaming in tears wanting to sleep with me she was so scared. I seriously started to get freaked out then. I would always hear stories about that house from my sister-in-law's family and her own experiences which intrigued me but it didn't seem real. So far little things would occur but I didn't see anything for myself.

I've been alone babysitting for about 2-3 weeks then during the day when I'm home and the kids are at school I would sit down to watch tv and would see a figure moving around which looked like a little girl. She would run around my nephew's room and near the front door. I was so scared but I was like is this really happening right now?

My brother and his wife came home from work so I had to sleep on the couch then I would stay up until 3 in the morning. That first night they came back which was about after 3 weeks of me being there I began seeing spirits and not just one, a whole family of them. The little girl would run around my nephew's room then would go in to my niece's room and there is a little toddler that would jump on the arm of the couch and a woman would stand in from of her...I thought it was her mother or something.

The one that scared me the most was the man. He looked so angry I would lay on the couch and say a word out loud just to see if I could get their attention and the man would start walking up to me, stand there and look at me. I waved my hand at him and he would walk away. These spirits are certainly not hesitant to show you or let you know that yes they are there with you.

During the day my sister-in-law and I would be out in the tv room and my brother would walk out and the little girl would move away from him an go behind us and hold our hand so my sister-in-law and I would feel this ice cold feeling next to us and touching us. It's almost as she was really afraid of him.

I've heard that my sister-in-law's younger sister would see an old lady there during the night but I've never seen her just, those 3. It definitely freaked me out I never in a million years thought I would ever see a spirit present right in front of me, ever. I've seen a ton of videos always thinking they were photoshopped or edited, but you really never know what it's like until you experience it for yourself and its the scariest most amazing thing ever.

Victoria VanGeem, CA, USA
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