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My Cousin Coming For My Uncle

Mark, Victoria, Australia
February 2005

This isn't my story; it actually happened to my Great-Aunt (My Grandmother's sister) and occurred two years ago. I live in Melbourne, Australia but my Grandparents are of Russian origin and are superstitious, but particularly my Grandmother and her sister.

My Great-aunt had a son who was born during the bombing of Berlin during the Second World War. He was so frightened by what he saw that his hair went grey from an early age. Later when he and the rest of my family arrived in Australia, he and his wife had two children, Anna and Kira. Shortly after I was born, Kira, who had a drug problem suicided by hanging herself with a rope off the rafters in her room. This was a great tragedy for my family and things after the tragedy just weren't the same.

Around ten years later, my Uncle (I call him that cause he is very close to my mum) was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. It was malignant and he had to undergo chemotherapy and all sorts of drugs to stop the cancer. It went into remission a number of times but his health just deteriorated and as time went on, it became apparent to all of us that he would pass away very soon.

After a number of weeks in hospital, he asked that he die at home, free of mind clouding drugs. Our Family priest came and gave him blessings of some sort for a comfortable to journey to heaven.

The night he died was unusually warm for November and earlier that day, word got around the family of his condition. Surely enough, he passed away that night. The next day, we all went to church in Collingwood for a service but before that, we went and picked up my Grandmother and she told me the most unbelievable story.

She spoke to her sister immediately after hearing about the death of my uncle and heard about an incident that occurred the night before. Here's how it goes;

My Great-Aunt was sitting up that night writing in her diary as she had done her whole life when she felt a hand rest on her shoulder. She turned around and saw a girl walk out of her room. She got up slowly, as most 93 year olds do, and followed the girl into the hallway. As she got to her door, she saw the girl walk into her son's room (my uncle's room). She walked ahead slowly, to the room. There was no one there except my uncle in bed asleep. So she went back to her room.

Next morning, she found out that her son had passed away. It had occurred to her then, that the girl she saw was her granddaughter, Kira, who had suicided 15 years earlier. She had come back to guide her father's spirit to rest. I have heard the story a few times more. My great-aunt and grandmother aren't good at making up stories and are both still very sharp so she didn't dream this or hallucinate.

That night, I had a strong feeling that my uncle would pass away. I don't know if this is paranormal of just instinctual.

Mark, Victoria, Australia
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