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My Dad's House

Tiffany, Colorado, USA
October 2006

My grandmother used to tell me I was gifted. She was part Native American and believed that I could see things that were not of this world. She said I spoke to spirits as a small child. I'm only going to write about what I remember.What my memory has held on to the most is events that took place in the house my father bought when I was 8 years old.

The contact begun not long after we moved in. I picked out my bedroom and settled in. Now, my room had tile flooring, and a ledge that ran all the way around the room about 3 feet off the floor. On this ledge I put all of my books, mostly hard back, so that I could see them at a glance. About a month after we got settled in, my dad and I were fighting in a family room, down the hall from my bedroom. In my room, as the argument grew heated, the books started falling from the ledge, one by one, like to the beat of a drum, starting at one side of the room and circling around, growing faster as it went. Now, my father, whom was also thought by my grandmother to have "the gift", stopped the fight abruptly, walked calmly into my room, and said, "I don't know who you are, but stop it now, you will not do this in my house". The books never fell again, but that night I awoke in the middle of the night. I open I eyes and above me, was a girl leaning over my bed, looking at me. I drew my strength from my dad's earlier display, and told her to go to bed.
Years later, she is still with us.
My youngest sister, who is 13 years younger than me and wasn't even born yet when this happened to me, has seen this girl.
When she was five, she started talking to someone at the dinner table. She called her "kissing girl". I asked her why. She told me she would wake up at night and a girl would be leaning over her bed, kissing her good night, much like the experience I had. The name has stuck, and in the remainder of this account, she will be referred to as such.
I am now 23 years old, but I still remember that first encounter with "kissing girl". It was however, only the first. There are two more I'd like to tell you about.
The next occurred when I was about 17. My step mother and I were watching THE OMEN on our television. Every time the movie would start that old time music, (you know, the music they cut from the remake) the TV would turn off and the lights would flicker. It happened several times in the course of the film. After 9 years, the family had grown used to occurrences, so we would simply turn the TV back on, and continue to film. Then the remote control stopped working. I would have looked crazy to anyone but my family, because I stood up in our family room and said, "Kissing Girl, its just a movie, its okay, I promise, " and it stopped.
The third, and last occurrence I'd like to share about Kissing Girl happened right before I moved out.
I was 20 and my then boyfriend and I were staying in the trailer in my dad's driveway. This man did not believe in ghosts. He fell asleep at one end of the camper, in the sleeper, and I fell asleep in the living area, on the couch. About an hour after we both fell asleep, he woke me up, shaking me vigorously. "Did you just crawl into bed with me?" he demanded. Coming out of sleep and very annoyed, I replied, "No, I'm asleep. You just woke me up. How could I have been up there a second ago if you just woke me up?" "Someone crawled into bed with me," he demanded, "No one else is here". "It's just Kissing Girl," I said, still half asleep. "Go back to sleep". He didn't. He packed his stuff and went to a hotel.
I don't know if my grandma was correct about me all those years ago. I don't particularly think I have any kind of gift. Almost everyone who has been in my dad's house for any extended amount of time has admitted feeling something there, whether they are believers or not. I do think I'm blessed. I feel like this spirit has become a part of my family over the years. She looked out for me as a kid and I know she watches over my sisters now. Its nice to know they have someone to kiss them to sleep at night.

Tiffany, Colorado, USA
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