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My Daughter's Paranormal Friend

April 2005

This is a true story based in a small part of Sydney that is not very well known.

We live on a small farm just north of the A.C.T, we have two children born four years apart, a son and a daughter. When our daughter was just two years old she was in a bad accident and half her face was replaced with plastic surgery. The night after we were able to take her home she became ill and needed to go back to the hospital to be put in observation to make sure she got well again. Our daughter use to share a room with her older brother and the night before she had to go back to hospital my husband and I heard her and my son talking to someone in their room, my husband walked in and found nothing but the rocking chair moving and a new stuffed toy for each of our children. The next morning I asked my daughter who she was talking to she simply said in a voice clearly not her own "Greatgrandma mummy", my husband just laughed and didn't belive it. We all got in the car and drove to the hospital, that night my husband and son left and went home.

Once again I awoke to my daughter speaking to someone I looked up from the mattress that was on the floor for me to find her bed engulfed in a white light. This scared me very much, the next morning a stuffed toy was on her bed.

As my daughter got older more strange things were happening, when she was 13 she and her father had a argument with her father and suddenly the coffee mugs on their hooks were swinging and things were flying off the table and hitting my husband. So whenever my daughter is right something happens or something breaks around the house and we all know its Greatgrandma sticking up for her.

Recently we moved to the city and sure enough on the first night there our daughter who is now 17 was talking to greatgrandma and the next morning a new stuffed toy was on the end of her bed. At one stage we thought our daughter was joking about talking to Greatgrandma but once I made the mistake of asking her what Greatgrandma looked like and wore (my daughter looks just like her). In a voice that was not my daughters own she said "She is wearing a faded yellow dress, the one she wore the day she died and she has long brown hair, grey green eyes, and a slightly turned up nose just like mine mummy" I ran out of her room screaming.

That night I heard my daughter talking again and in the voice that wasn't her own she simply told me "Mum Greatgrandma didn't mean to scare you, she is just looking out for us".

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