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My Daughters Guardian Angel

Sandy, Mississippi, USA
February 2006

This story begins six and a half years ago. I was pregnant with my daughter in my 9th month and due in two weeks. She had been giving me alot of problems so I was a little worried about the birth with this being my first child. To my surprise all my worries were answered for me by an unknown source..

To elaborate this started on August 1st at 12:49am, I was sleeping in my room alone since my husband was out of town working my younger sister was staying with me to help take care of me and if anything was to come up in the night with the baby. When I was suddenly awoke by this cold feeling on my arm, when I opened my eyes there on the edge of the bed was a old man looking down at me. He was dressed in old clothes with suspenders, very tall lanky looking man. I had never seen before.

I began to scream, my sister came running in the room. I told her someone had been sitting on the bed she checked all over the room and said I must have been dreaming to calm down and try to go back to sleep. She turn the light off and left the room. When I turned back over he was still there. He began to talk to me about my daughter. He told me not to worry that she was going to be a picture of perfect health. He then continued to tell me that I would go in labor on the 9th of August but that she would not be born until the 10th, that it would be a long and hard labor but that everything would turn out for the best. He then leaned over and kissed my belly and told me he loved me and to tell my grandmother he missed her.

I finally dosed off to sleep, the next day I went to my grandmother and told her and explained the man to her. The look of surprise and amazement on her face worried me. She began going through old pictures in her room, she came back with a picture of an old man and women. She asked me if this was the man whom had visited me, I took the picture and stared at it for a long time. Finally, answering her that it was definitely the man. My grandmother replied by telling me this was her father and my great grandfather whom I had never met for he had died before I was born. I found this very strange but believed it to be an angel over my daughters life.

The best part was that everything he told me was true. The morning of the 9th I went into labor and had a long and trying labor and she finally enter the world on the 10th. The day I brought her home from the hospital we went by the cemetery for me to tell him thank you only to find out that his birthday was August the 9th. So our lives went on joyfully and then about 4 years ago my daughter came to me one morning and said an angel had visited her.

I asked her to explain and she said that a man had come to her and told her that her mommy was going to be away for a few days but he would be by her side if she needed him. She then pointed to the picture on my wall, which was my great grandfather she then said that is him mommy he was so nice to me. He held my hand till I fell back to sleep. I then explained to her that it was her great great grandfather and to this day she still talks of seeing him.

To what he told her about me, I ended up in the hospital a week later for major surgery and made it through with perfect results. So for anyone who has kids I truely believe that each and every child in this world has a guardian angel watching over them. I know both my children do, but my sons angel is another story.

Sandy, Mississippi, USA
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