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My Dearest Grandfather

September 1998

As you can see, all of us human beings must have a grandfather in our life. This is what I have to tell you:

On July 3, 1996 my family went back to Taiwan to visit my grandfather and when we reached our house in Taiwan my uncle told us, privately, that my grandfather has headache all the time and we they took him to check what was causing the headache, they found out that he has brain tumor and at that very moment my dad felt very bad and then his eyes turned red. Days past and then it is time for us to go back to Thailand because my brother's school is reopening and he has to register or else he will not be able to learn. You see, every year my family will go back to our country to visit our relatives and let them see us as well, but on 1997 we didn't have time to go back to Taiwan because my father has some job and he has to go to another country so we stayed in Thailand. On June 5, 1998 we went back to Taiwan and then when we went to the hospital we saw our grandfather lying on the bed and we talked to him and comforted him one by one and we could see that he is happy because he had a small smile on his face and also at that time my grandfather couldn't talk, eat, walk and he also had very little energy to move. Every day when we had time we would go to the hospital and stay with him and when it is night time my dad and my uncles will take turns spending the night there everyday and everyday my grandfathers condition is getting worse and worse. And July 27, 1998 my grandfather passed away in our house and we had a funeral 22 days later and the night of the day we buried him. I woke up in the middle of the night to urinate and I saw someone in the bathroom standing beside the shower as if waiting for me, but he had a very happy and friendly face and he looked sort of like very excited to see me. At first I was scared and thought that it was someone else, but after a while I realized that it was my grandfather. He then opened his mouth and whispered to me saying, "Edward, you must tell all your cousins to be a good person and study very hard so you can be successful when you grow up." And then after saying that he said goodbye and walked (actually floated) past me out the bathroom and sort of faded away when he was near the window of the apartment that I live in and disappeared.

That night I couldn't sleep and the next day I phoned my cousins and told them what happened and then I told them to follow what our grandpa said. That day I felt very tired and I fell asleep easily that night and I could sleep very well the rest of the days.

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