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My Demon Daze

Becky Officer, CA, USA
December 2004

Hi to all. The events I am going to tell you about happened in the later part of 1989 to the mid part of 1990.

I have always had spirits around me and even though I cannot say that some of these encounters didn't scare me, they did, mainly they were more comforting than anything else. This is not true of what I had happen to me in 1989 and 1990 however. Comforting is the farthest from what these were.

My son, daughter, boyfriend and myself had just moved out of a place and was trying to find another place to move into. In the meantime we were staying at a friends parents house who was nice enough to offer us room and board at a very cheap price. We had been staying with them for about a week when the first incident happened.

It was a Friday night and we had rented a couple of movies, one of them was Hellraiser, and we, my son, Shane, daughter, Erica, my boyfriend *Bob*, his friend Matt, and myself stayed up watching them. It was around 11:00 pm when we decided to call it a night and go to bed.

Erica my daughter slept in the same room with Bob and me on a cot next to our bed. The bed that we slept in was a Waterbed frame with a regular queen size mattress in it instead of a waterbed mattress. This left a space of about 2 inches on both sides. The side I slept on was up against the wall. We had very little room in the room to move around in.

We all got into bed and said our goodnights and soon Erica and Bob were both sound asleep. I have never gone to sleep very fast so I was laying there listening to both of them breathing. I closed my eyes and was waiting for sleep to take over when I felt a difference in the room. Specifically right next to me where the wall was. I am not sure how to explain this but you know when you sleep next to a wall you feel that wall next to you even without touching it. Well it all of a sudden felt like the wall was no longer there. I opened my eyes and looked to my left. What I saw was nothing, I mean nothing as in a black hole that was about 5 feet in diameter and the blackness was like it was composed of nothing. It was so black that even the street light that shined in through the bedroom window didn't reflect off of it. I looked down the length of the wall towards my feet and could see the light reflecting off the white wall everywhere else but this black hole of nothingness. I noticed I couldn't hear Erica and Bob any longer and turned to look at them when I was grabbed by 4 hands, 2 on one shoulder and upper arm and 2 on the other, and pulled into this black hole. I couldn't see who or what was pulling me but I could feel there breath and smell it as it hit my face. I was being pulled down into this nothingness and I knew if I didn't do something that when everyone woke up in the morning I wouldn't be there and would never be seen again. I started screaming for Bob over and over to help me but it seemed like my voice wasn't going anywhere. As my legs slid down I felt the wooden waterbed frame and when my toes hit the edge I hooked them on the edge of the frame and prayed. I was still screaming for Bob but now I also had started screaming for God to help me and praying as hard as I could. I felt 2 hands grab my ankles and pull and for a few seconds I felt like the rope in a tug of war contest. Bob, who was pulling on my ankles, won.

Needless to say we were both pretty freaked out me especially. Bob was asking me what happened and how I got into the wall. I think he was shaking as much as I was. We got up, picked up Erica, who was still asleep, and went into the living room, where we slept the rest of the night. What sleep we were able to get. Nothing else happened while we were there. The smell of the things and that whole was terrible. It was a like a mixture of sulfur, and death a thousand times over. This was in Sept. 1989.

Feb. 1990. Bob and I had broken up for a while and I had gone to stay at my moms. My son and I slept in her second bedroom on twin beds. I had told my son about what had happened and told him that if he heard me screaming for help to please try to help if he could. We had been at my moms for 2 or 3 weeks and even though it had been a while since that had happened I still had nightmares about it.

Well this one night we had stayed up and watched a comedy special on TV and then went to bed. Erica and my mom were already asleep in their room so Shane, and I made our way to bed after locking up and turning everything off. It wasn't long before I could hear the rhythmic breathing of Shane sleeping. I was laying there eyes closed trying to fall asleep. My bed on one side of the room against a wall on my left and Shanes was on the other side against the wall on his right. As I laid there relaxing waiting for sleep I started smelling a very foul odor. It wasn't strong at first but soon I recognized the smell and opened my eyes. Before I could get them completely open I was grabbed again and started getting pulled. I screamed as loud as I could, yelling Shanes name and yelling up to God again. I knew that this time I didn't have anything to hook my toes on and I would for sure be gone if Shane or someone didn't hear me. This time my waste was grabbed and I heard Shanes voice yelling to leave his mom alone and that they couldn't have me. He was pulling with all of his might. Next thing that happened was the two of us landing in the middle of the floor on our rear ends and holding onto each other very tightly. Sleep was not going to happen that night at least not in that room or in that bed. After we were able to get up without shaking too much we went back into the living room and pulled out the sleeper sofa and laid there the rest of the night. Nothing more happened for the rest of the time I was there, which was about another week.

Bob and I reconciled and we moved back in together. In May some friends of ours invited us over to a party they were throwing and it sounded like a fun time so we decided to go. We took the kids over to my moms to spend the night and we went to the party. We had a real good time at the party and before we knew it it was getting pretty late. Both of us had had a couple of drinks and didn't want to have to drive home. Also our friends told everyone there that if they wanted to stay the night instead of drive home it was ok to do so. I was pretty tired and wanted to go to sleep but there was still people ready to party and I knew that it wasn't going to be very soon that they left or went to sleep. I asked my friend if it would be ok if I laid down in the extra bed in her sons room and she said that would be fine. Bob decided to come to bed to so we said our good nights and went down to the end of the hallway where her sons room was. He was over at a friends house for the night so we weren't worried about waking him up. The door before his room was the bathroom. I mention this for a specific reason as you will soon see. We had only been laying down for about 10 minutes when the room got very hot. The type of hot that makes it hard to breath. I also could smell that smell again. The same smell like the other two times but not as strong. I must say that the bed we were laying in WAS NOT against a wall this time. I asked Bob if the room felt very hot and if he could smell anything to both he said yes and that the smell was bad enough to almost make him throw up. I was looking around that room trying to see if I could see anything at all. I wasn't sure what I was looking for but I figured if I saw a humanoid shape with horns than I would be on the right track. I didn't see anything though. As I was doing this Bob was trying to get out of bed but said he could hardly move. He said it felt like his body had been weighted down with something. I was already scared and this just made matters worse. The thought that went through my head was that *they* were doing this to Bob on purpose so when *they* grabbed me he wouldn't be able to help. As this thought was going through my head, I was still looking around the room for anything that didn't look right, the bedroom door opened. One of the other girls at the party had to use the restroom and mixed up the doors. When she opened the door the first thing she did was scream and the next thing was scream some more. She was staring at a place at the foot of the bed we were in only up almost to the ceiling. Her scream brought everyone back to the bedroom to see what had happened. When my friend got there she pushed this girl aside and flipped on the light, she told me later she thought she was going to see Bob and me dead and cut up or something, but all she saw was Bob and me laying in the bed wide eyed and looking shocked. We got up and helped calm the girl down. When she was able to talk without freaking out she told us what she saw when she opened that door. This is what she told us. (by the way no one there, not even my friend knew about my prior 2 experiences, except for Bob and myself.)

She had to go to the bathroom and thought that it was the last door on the right. She opened the door and the light from the hallway immediately lit up the room enough to see everything and everyone in it. She noticed the smell and saw this thing that she described as the Devil himself standing at the foot of the bed on the side I was on. She also saw 2 small creatures that she described as looking like mutants from some horror flick. They were on Bobs side. Their arms were longer than they should have been and they looked like they were holding him down. The thing she called the Devil was looking at me and was reaching out to me like he was going to grab me or something. She screamed and all three things looked at her. She screamed again and felt the most hate and badness she could have ever imagined coming off of them and directed towards her for, what she got as a message in her head, "interrupting them." Then they were gone.

We all sat in silence for what seemed like forever. I don't remember who said what first but I know that eventually we were able to digest what we heard and we started talking.

That was the last time that anything has happened with the Devil and his followers trying to get me. I don't know why they were trying to get me and may never know. I have always believed in God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and I also believe that the Devil exists too. I am glad that their attempts to take me failed and that God kept me safe from harm. I am also glad that they haven't tried again. I do not however sleep with my bed up against a wall any more and haven't since then.

You can believe what happened to me or not, it don't really matter. What does matter is that I know it happened and so does my friends and family, and that God kept me safe from harm.

I had the marks on my shoulders and arms for almost 2 weeks after the first two attempts were made.

Becky Officer, CA, USA
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