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My Dog Kept Evil Away

Brenda M, WA, Australia
December 2001

I have often read stories on Poltergeist activity and have found it fascinating at how the activity can be connected to a young person who is emotionally highly strung at the time, particularly going through puberty.

My story goes back about 16 years ago. I was staying at a friends of my mothers. My mother and friend had gone out for the night leaving myself and friends daughter whom I will call Jacky, at home. I also had my pet, who was a miniature poodle named Peebo with me. Peebo went wherever I went so we were very close.

It was about 11pm when Jacky and I decided to go to bed. We were sleeping top to tail. Her at the head and I at her feet. We had the radio going and we chatted for awhile before dropping off to sleep. I don't know what time it was when I was woken with Peebo growling.

His growls started off low but soon became more agressive. At this point I thought it was somebody walking down the street outside or something. I became more alarmed when I noticed him growling at the doorway of the room. I started to get scared thinking we had an intruder. Thats when I noticed the radio that had been left on was making strange noises like it was moving through stations and not staying on one. By this stage Peebo's growling had become even more aggressive to the point he was snapping at something that I couldn't see. It was almost like he was snapping at a hand that was reaching towards us. Peebo then jumped onto my chest and spread himself out across me and kept up with the snapping and growling. He was definitely protecting me from something. I then started to hear a whispering kind of like buzzing sound. I couldn't make out any words as it was like a lot of people whispering at once. The feeling I felt around me was evil. Thats how it felt to me. I was so frightened that I didn't move a muscle. The whole time Peebo kept up with his snapping and growling and every once in awhile he would jump off the bed and jump at the walls as though trying to catch something. He was going ballistic.

Now what I didn't notice at the time but did later on when I looked back on that night is that Jacky slept through the whole thing. I mean Peebo made enough noise to wake the whole street and the radio was loud enough to wake the dead, (pardon the pun). I am unsure how long this went on for, it felt like hours but it probably was only a minute or two, not sure. It stopped when the front door opened and my mum and friend walked in. Peebo instantly settled down and ran out to greet them.

I never stayed there again. Wild horses wouldn't drag me back there.

Now what I found interesting is that Jacky was going through some very bad emotional times in her life and also going through puberty. I often wondered if it was centered around her. Jacky slept through it all. Was she in some kind of trance? Or more frightening the thought, was it me?

All I know is that I am so glad I had my little brave dog with me. I really do think to this day he protected me from the touch of evil.

Brenda M, WA, Australia
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