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My Dogs

Arika, QLD, Australia
April 1999

A short while ago my mother and i moved into a house in Brisbane. I was in grade 9 at the time in boarding school so I wasn't home much. We had two pet dogs, Jessi (2 years old) and Princess (1 year old). I was extremely attached to my dogs as they were of me, and I missed them when I was away at school or on holidays in Canberra visiting my father. It was Christmas 1998 when it all started.

I was visiting my dad in Canberra for the holidays, and my mother rang me up to tell me that my dogs were stolen, I was totally devastated so I asked to come back home early, which I did. We looked for them and searched with no avail until finally I gave up hope of ever seeing my dogs again and feared them no longer alive. My friend was staying over just before new years and we were sitting in my room watching TV and playing on the computer when we heard little footsteps like the sounds of dogs walking up the hallway. My house has polished wooden floors so its quite loud. My friend asked me if I had gotten a new dog and if so why hadn't she seen it yet. I told her I hadn't so we went to investigate these "footsteps."

We took a step out my room and looked left and right, we saw nothing but still heard the sounds. Now I believe in ghosts and so does my mother because she talks to them sometimes when we come into a new house because she seems to think that the "spirts" of friends and people who have been in the house before are dwelling in a comfy space like a family home. Well I don't take it like that but i believe that there is another world. Anyhow we followed the sounds of the footsteps as they made their way down the hall, through the kitchen, into the dining room and suddenly stopped near the Jessi's doggy bed. We watched closely and wide eyed not to sure of what was going on in my house. When I felt something lick my hand. My friend also felt something like a tail brush her leg. I believe that it was my dog Jessi coming to tell me that she was alright and with Princess, and that night my friend and I sat up crying because it was such a moving experience for myself and for her because she was quite attached to them too.

Every now and again I can feel something asleep next to me on my bed and I always know its safe because its either Jessi or Princess keeping a watch over me, making sure I was ok, and no harm was coming to me.

Arika, QLD, Australia
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