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My Encounter

Jessica LaManche, New York, USA
November 1998

Okay, now its up to you if you want to believe this story, but I swear it really happened.

One night I was at home reading my favorite book for like the ten millionth time. I was really getting into it when I noticed that the tv was on in the other room. I can't read while the tv is on it distracts me and I can't enjoy my book so well. I get up off of my butt and walk into the other room. I turn off the tv. Blah, Blah, Blah, real exciting right? I turned to go out of the room when all of the sudden the tv goes back on. Weird, I thought. So I go and turn it off again. All little while later I was reading again, and I heard the door open and shut in my house. "Hi mom." I said. No one answered, so I called again and still no answer. Ah, it must be my sister I thought. I scare her. I am a cruel sister I love to scare my sister. And her attitude towards it doesn't help, she scares so easily. I crawl around the counter near the door where she should be standing. I jumped up and screamed, and I screamed even louder when I saw what was on the other side of the door. Across from me stood a tall man with dark hair and eyes. He turned and looked at me, I froze. I COULD SEE THROUGH HIM!!! He wasn't a reflection, I checked it out later. He was the real thing. I stood there staring, mouth agape, and unable to move for about ten minutes. And during those ten minutes the man never moved, he didn't even breath! After about nine minutes he just simply disappeared. It took me one full minute (probably more) to move. When I could move I ran outside screaming as loud as I could. The neighbors came running form their house and asked if I was okay. But truly, I will never be okay after that night.

Jessica LaManche, New York, USA
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