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My Fathers Presence

Kevin, New South Wales, Australia
May 2006

I just recently had cancer to my lower lip from smoking too many cigarettes...don't smoke, kids!...anyway, two of the strangest things happened to me.
First one was as I was going into the Op Theatre, I was on the trolley. I was frightened, very frightened when I suddenly felt someone holding my hand. Thinking it was one of the sexy nurses, I looked up but, to my surprise, there was no one there but I felt the hand in mine. A protective hand. A hand that I could trust.
Second one was a day later and I was very tired. Ever tried sleeping on a hospital bed? I don't recommend it and I had bugger all sleep. I was driven home by my brother the next day and he put me in the spare room. It was midday and I was fast asleep when I felt someone sit on my bed and patted me on the knee. I woke up, thinking it was my brother and sat up. I was alone in the room. And the weird thing was I used to have nasty pains in that knee from years of doing hard manual work and playing footy. The pain used to be bad that I could hardly walk. Now? That pain is gone. But getting back to person sitting on my bed, I had this "feeling" that it was my late father who died when I was only two years old (I'm 38). He died of cancer and I felt he was there with me, telling me that everything is going to be alright.

All my life I had strange things happen to me. I work in a haunted radio station, worked in a haunted department store and lived in a haunted house and they all scared the poo out of me but, this one? I felt safe. Odd, isn't it?

Kevin, New South Wales, Australia
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