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My First Encounter

Ohio, USA
May 2000

Idon't know if this could be considered a ghost story. No ghosts were seen but I definitely felt one.

I was helping a friend look for a new apartment. My town is comprised of mostly older apartment buildings and houses. We were looking at the third place that day and the landlord met us outside and gave us a brief lowdown on the apartment. It was on the top floor and he said it just became available this month.

It was a very hot, summer day and we climbed the stairs to the vacant lot. He opened the door for us and my friend and the landlord went inside. As I approached the door I felt a very cold breeze hit me that was enough to literally give me goosebumps.

I was overcome with a tremendous feeling of dread and I couldn't muster the courage to enter the room. I asked the landlord, no, I told the landlord that someone just died here recently. With some hesitation, he confessed that the former owner had just passed away. I pointed to the center of the living room and asked him "there?" He confirmed that the gentleman occupant of the apartment was found dead in the center of the living room right were I had pointed.

I turned and left the building with my friend close behind. I couldn't explain to him why I knew someone had just died in there I just told him it was a feeling I had and I really don't care to feel it again.

This is the first time I had ever had an encounter like that but, after my initial fright wore off, I became very curious about ghost hunting and spiritual phenomenon and hope to someday encounter a ghost and photograph it.

Ohio, USA
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